Monday, October 26, 2009

Mall Baggage Counter

I really like going to SM, why? because they wont let me put my bag on their baggage counter. I mean the moment you go in to SM, they would check your bag at the entrance and you can bring your bag anywhere inside. Unlike on some malls here in Davao, like Victoria Plaza, you would go in, they would check your bag, then when you're inside already and you would like to go to the shoes department, they would check your bag AGAIN!! and will let you leave your bag in their baggage counter. WHAT THE HELL they already check it when I enter, then inside they would check it again?? There is also this rule in Gaisano South that upon entering well they would check your bag, the t-shirt and shoe department are at the 2nd and third floor, to reach their you must take the escalator, now at the escalator the guard will block you if you have a backpack, I was once denied to go up because i have a backpack and the guard lets this woman go up because she only had a handbag( but her hand bag is much much bigger than my puny backpack) damn , tried confronting the guard saying whats the difference between my puny backpack compared to her enormous handbag, the guard just says its their rule, damn that rule. So i had to go find the baggage counter in order to go up, what a stupid rule.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nude Fan Dance

Yehey finally I'm up and healthy again, I feel okay and rejuvenated after a week of cough and running nose. So where do I start hmmm. Have you seen this video at you tube its about a group of dancing Japanese men wearing nothing and only having a fan to cover their private part. Its hilarious down right funny. I also heard that the Pinoy Big Brother housemates will be performing this type of dance too this Friday. I hope they can pull it off, cause just watching the video it does require a good choreography in their part and good timing and synchronization.

Heres the video of the dance:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Down with a Cold

Man i just cant get my self going this week, I'm having a hard time thinking of something to post. I'm having a running nose and a cough this week, and its really bothering my work and my blog. I just hope i would get better by the end of this week on next week. My immune system i think is a little bit weak, since getting out of the hospital for 8 days during daughters operation. I was tired during that week, tired, exhausted, worried and more. I plan to have a vacation but my boss beat me to it, so I'm stuck here in the office.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Music Monday

Today lets watch this great music video from the band Aerosmith. This is the second time i saw Alicia Silverstone in an Aerosmith video, and she was smoking hot during her early years. The video for the song, directed by Marty Callner, is well-known for its depiction of digital technology.

Music Videos by VideoCure

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