Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody

I want nobody nobody But You, I want nobody nobody But You... oh that's the only part of the song i know of the hit song "Nobody " from the Wonder Girls. Every time i turn on the radio their song was being played that's how hit their song is. Although i don't understand their lyrics except for the English part, the song has a nice beat to it. So who is this cute girl band the Wonder Girls?

Wonder Girls is a five-member girl group produced by Park Jin Young and is currently signed to JYP's label JYP Entertainment (the same agency that used to manage Rain. At their debut, the girls were all teenagers set to become the next big K-pop group. The original five members were So Hee, Ye Eun, Sun Mi, Sun Ye, and Hyun Ah. Their debut was on February 11, 2007.

On July 30th, 2007 Hyun Ah left the group because of a stomach disease. She was replaced by Yoo Bin, the current rapper for Wonder Girls.

Although the Wonder Girls were met with decently good reception at their debut, it wasn't until their single Tell Me was released that they reached superstardom. With their cute dance moves in the Tell Me music video, Korea was hit by Wonder Girls mania.

In 2008, the Wonder Girls released their single, So Hot, which instantly became one of the most popular songs in Korea.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Kadayawan 2009 side show

As I was watching the Indak2x at Kadayawan, i notice some people gathering at the side of the street, then i saw this guy lying on the ground.

police said he was drunk, man was that guy drunk to not even notice all the noise from the band passing by hahahaha. Later the police called on the mobile patrol to take this guy home. Not far from the site though is a booth, this you will love. FREE taste of Tanduay after drinking you wash it out with a Cobra energy drink hahahaha. Maybe that drunk guy came here for a drink or two and cant handle his liquor. The kadayawan festival what a day.

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Poor Monkey

During the Kadayawan Festival I was able to visit Central Bank for their Trade Fair, There were plenty of nice things they have displayed, but only one have really struck my interest. Its this display of monkey skulls, i dunno what type of monkey this is, or if this monkey is part of the endangered species.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swallowed Gum Takes 7 Years to Digest

My Aunties and Tita's used to tell me this when I was small, "Don't swallow the bubble gum it will take year's for that to be digested". I don't know if this is true or not, until now when i came across a article in a woman's magazine. It states there that humans have chewed on plants and other substance for thousands of years and this specious claim might have been made up by mother's who were tired of hearing their kids make smacking noises all day, or who thought that gum chewing was low class. Gum doesn't break down in the digestive system, but it passes through like anything else. If you're regularly swallowing wads of gum, then they could meld into a giant blob in your stomach and cause some problems, but the occasional swallower has nothing to worry about.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kadayawan 2009

Kadayawan is fast approaching, to be exact its this Saturday. I just cant wait to see the floral parade, those nice costumes. Kadayawan is a week long celebration and thanks giving for nature's bountiful harvest. It is celebrated every 3rd week of August.

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Sticky Situation Turns Lovers Into Talk Of Town

Here's an article about Penis Captivus, is it real or an urban legend, well this story may well prove that this Penis Captivus is real.

Two secret lovers became the talk of the town in the southern Philippines Wednesday after they were found literally stuck to each other.

Doctors were at a loss on how to separate the two lovers, who had been stuck for more than 17 hours since Tuesday night, radio dzRH reported Wednesday afternoon.

The report quoted doctors at the Isulan town hospital in Sultan Kudarat province as saying the two lovers experienced penis captivus, a condition in which the muscles in the female organ clamp down on the male organ more firmly than usual, making it impossible for the man to withdraw his organ from the woman's.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Sting Energy Drink Commercial

This is one funny commercial, It has a great plot, the music is good(if you still remember MC Hammer's " U Cant touch this"). A hot chick with an engine problem, and what did the man do to solve it, drink a sting energy drink and dance to the tune of "U cant touch this" and generate electricity, clip himself to the car battery and power it up. hahahaha.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The 6 Most Common Sun Myth

As you've notice, its not the same as before, the sun is really hot now a days, especially at noon, and you think bringing umbrella is enough think again. Here are list of common sun myth.

Myth #1: A suntan's fine, as long as you don't burn.

Reality: While even one sunburn may double the chance of eventually developing melanoma(the most serious type of skin cancer), your are still at risk even if they never burn. "The more sun your get, the more likely you are to develop certain skin cancer," says Martin Weinstock M.D., no matter what your skin tone. "Any tan indicates damage to your skin."

Myth #2: A beach umbrella blocks the sun.

Reality: It's not foolproof. Sand reflects 17 percent of UV radiation, so you're still exposed, says Dr. Weinstock. Nevertheless, its smart to stay in the shade when the suns rays are high; just make sure you're also slathered with sunscreen.

Myth #3 Sun can't penetrate through windows.

Reality: Glass filters out only one kind of radiation - UVB rays. But UVA rays penetrate deeper, can still get through. That's why many adults have more freckles on their left side than their right-its from UV exposure on that side through the car window when driving. To protect yourself, apply sunscreen to any areas (like your hand, forearms, and face) before getting into your car. If you're buying a new car, consider one with tinted windows, which keep out almost four times more UVA light than regular ones.

Myth #4 Too much sun screen causes vitamin D deficiency

Reality: You may have read that extra exposure to sunshine is needed to help your body make vitamin D. But according to ACS, the American Academy of Dermatologist(AAD), and the Skin Cancer Foundation(SCF), both kids and adult get plenty of this nutrient through multivitamins, vitamin D0rich foods( like milk and fortified orange juice). Also even if you're wearing sunscreen, small amounts of UV rays still penetrate your skin, and that's enough to help you body produce vitamin D.

Myth #5 If Its cool or cloudy outside, you don't need sunscreen.

Reality: According to SCF, up to 80% of the suns UV rays can pass through clouds. This is the reason people often end up with serious sunburn on over cast days if they've spent time outside with no sun protection. Even in the cold months, you need to beware: snow can reflect up to 80% of UV rays, increasing exposure. This is especially true if you're on a ski vacation-the higher the altitude, the greater your UV exposure.

Myth #6 Eighty percent of sun damage occurs before the age of 18

Reality: Contrary to previous estimates, recent studies show that we get less than 25% of out total lifetime sun exposure before age 18. That means you get the majority of it later on.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aliens and Velociraptors at the Davao Agri Trade Fair and Horticulture Exhibit

As the Kadayawan festival in Davao City is fast approaching, so are the events in different malls appear, one of my favorites is the Davao Agri Trade Fair which is usually held at SM. Usually when we talk about Agri Trade Fair, its all about plants, rare ones, herbal, cactus but if you want those you can visit this site Davao Delights, but I think she has not posted the pictures about the plants yet but im sure this week she will. What caught my eye during the visit was the wood sculptures, at first I didn't notice it but a second glance though looks familiar. Ohh i get it, its an alien sculpture from the "Aliens" movie and also a sculpture of a velociraptor or maybe a T-rex you make the judgement.

here are the photos:



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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Texting Increases Crash Risk

Well this is a good news for those people who likes multi tasking while driving hehehehe, Reports said that text messaging behind the wheel increases the risk of a crash or a near crash by 23 times, and is far more dangerous than talking on a cellphone while driving. Well its obvious while texting your focus is on the cellphone, on what you are texting. One can talk on a cellphone while not taking their eyes off the road.

"Text messaging on a cellphone was associated with the highest risk off all cellphone related task." According to the study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. They have also found that text messaging resulted in the longest duration of "eyes off road time"--4.6 seconds over a six second interval.

It recommended that"texting and dialing, should always be avoided" and called for text messaging to be banned in moving vehicles. (now that's kinda harsh but if it helps why not). According to the New York Times, texting while driving is banned in 14 of the 50 US states.

The NHTSA research, which tracked cellphone use by US drivers in 2002, found that 955 people were killed during 240,000 roadway accidents while speaking or texting on a cellphone.

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