Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Pig

Year 2012 for Pig people may experience both auspicious and in auspicious factors. Encounter advantages in terms of family relationship, but disadvantage in your finances. Other aspects of life are mixed with favorable and unfavorable cycle. As much as possible always be attentive in your career undertakings during those unpleasant lunar months. Dedicate your work and devote your time in all endeavors to avoid losses. Always use your talent and skill and put more concentration in financial activities in order not to be fooled of money. Avoid risky investments and speculative games.

Health situation is considered normal, but be watchful with your food intake. Stress, worry and tension must always be avoided. Chinese lunar months of March, April, July and October are the worrisome months in terms of health. Therefore, medical attention is needed to avoid more complicated problems. Refrain yourself in climbing and going high places, dangerous sign indicated. For the safety of everybody, precautionary measures must be applier in your fields activities. Satisfaction in domestic relationship is easy to attain. Home is the best place for your relaxation and recreation. However, love life is not in a very good shape. You may experience more cold than warm trend in your relationship. Love and romance will not be as rosy as you expected. There is always an on and off cycle in your relationship.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Dog

2012, Year of the Dragon for Dog people, is said to be an unfavorable year. Because Dog sign is at odds or clashes with the sign of Dragon as predicted commonly in the Chinese horoscope. But contrary to this belief, there are lucky stars, guardian angels and influential people foreseen on your sign this particular year to neutralize bad phenomenon. Therefore those problems seen on the vicious circle can easily be solved. Career and profession may not be working successfully only in those unpleasant lunar months. Business wise, don't attempt to initiate new projects without careful planning to avoid loss of sizeable money. There is a tendency to harm your financial endeavors. Always put extra-careful in managing them to avoid court suit. Don't attempt t put additional investments in your present undertakings.

And about your health condition, no serious illness will happen due to the lucky stars foreseen. But health discomforts may be your problems. Limit yourself from attending funeral activities in those unpleasant months. Be watchful with your food intake. And food safety and sanitation must be practiced. For your own protection and the protection if your family members, all home securities must be implemented. Family relationship is not affected by unfavorable sign. Therefore, a warm and harmonious affair is easy to obtain. Dog people will enjoy the fullest on their love and romance. This unfavorable year will not affect your love life.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Rooster

The year 2012 for Rooster people may experience similar fate as of last year. Fortune is mixed with positive and negative cycle. Therefore, there are favorable and unfavorable lunar months for you to undertake. But however, Younger Roosters have much better fortune than older generations. In career pursuance, just follow the right direction. Undertakings will go smoothly in the end. Be industrious and hardworking in all activities. Strike harder in business endeavors otherwise no compliments can be attained. Financial fortune is also affected by changeable cycle. Therefore, put more concentration in monetary activities. Avoid sweet offer by harmful people in order not to be trapped into trouble.

Although no serious illness will strike your health this year as indicated, but you have to be attentive in health matters of your family members at home. Safety measures must always be exercised for your family members and for your own self. Limit yourself in those water related activities like boating, swimming and others. Domestic relationship is easy to attain by your attention and concern. Home activities will occupy most of your free and leisure time. Happy trend can be achieved at home. Love relationship is also mixed with favorable and unfavorable period. There are both joyful and boring cycle of love and romance for you to encounter. In short, love life is considered on and off situation.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Monkey

The Year of the Dragon brings more favorable lunar months for Monkey people because of lucky stars and guardian angels that appeared on your sign. In addition to this, influential friends and helpful people are there for you to benefit in all aspects. This year is considered a worry-free year for you to enjoy. Encounter more advantages in terms of career undertakings. Although there are some unpleasant periods, but due to your lucky sign, problems can easily be settled smoothly. The product of your work will lead to a rewarding results. Achievement in business endeavors will have a satisfactory outcome as foreseen. In financial matters, it is a hassle-free situation. There are many opportunities to take advantage of in terms of your money activities.

No major sickness will strike you, only minor health discomfort foreseen. But always be attentive in those unpleasant lunar months. However, all bad abusive habits must be avoided. Home security and safety should be your top most concern. Put extra care during transport or travelling for the good of your family members and yourself. Family relation is also free of burdens. Therefore, happiness can easily be achieved. Monkey people can enjoy the fullness of their love and romance in general. This is also a good opportunity year for the Single Monkeys to find their suitable or ideal partners. Love life is said to be sweet and romantic. An auspicious year for your wedding.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Goat

Goat people in the Year of the Dragon is a year mixed with auspicious and inauspicious fortune. Encounter both favorable and unfavorable circumstances in all aspects. However, influential friend and helpful associates are there for you to lean on. Always pay attention in your daily career activities, things will turn stable later on. From business point of view, don't alter your plan, concentrate on the present position. Try to put extra efforts in managing financial activities. Unscrupulous people in your circle should always be avoided, they are your barriers which will try to harm your financial matters. Refrain yourself from being used as loan guarantor, troubles foreseen.

On health matter, medical check-up and proper medication will easily diminish sickness. As advised, put more medical attention to those older age people living with you in those unpleasant months. Security measure must be implemented at home and also during transport. See to it that all the house facilities are secured properly. Family relationship so far contains no serious problem. Mutual respect and forgiveness will bring harmonious family affair. Love life is considered fair. There will be an on and off situation. In love and romance, you may also experience hot and cold cycle. Avoid too much acquaintances and refrain yourself from engaging in illicit affair in order to protect your romantic and intimate love relationship.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Horse

2012, Year of the Dragon, for you is not a shining year as what you have expected. As indicated, it will be unfavorable in terms of career, profession, business and finance as well as health situation. Therefore, this year is consist of more efforts and time to handle those disturbances related to your career activities. Hardwork and patient are needed to over turn difficulties. But however, there is a bright sign for going abroad in seeking good fortune particularly places facing either Southwest or North part. Strive harder in managing your business endeavors and beware of being fooled by harmful friends. Financial matters must always be approached with extra care specially in Chinese lunar months of February, May, June and December.

As for health condition, there is a tendency to be sick but still manageable through medication. Routine check up needed and apply food safety and sanitation as well as hygiene and cleanliness in everyday life. Protection for all people at home must always be put in mind. See to it that all the security measures are implemented. Older members will affect much of your family relationship. Luckily, your love life is not much affected by weak sign. Love and romance will be intimate in many months. Love differences can easily be sorted out through mutual consideration.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Snake

The Year of the Dragon for the Snake people is considered inauspicious. It would not be better than last year in terms of career, profession, business and finance. Experience more disadvantages than advantage cycles. But luckily, there are influential friends and helpful associates and colleagues for you to lean on. Hardwork and patient are needed in all career endeavors. As much as possible, try to be attentive in dealing with people to avoid court suit. Finances are also affected much by poor sign, Therefore, you must strike harder in managing money matters to avoid loss of sizeable income. Stay away from risky investments or sweet offer, these may be troublesome. Expansion of financial activities can only be done on those good fortune periods.

As for the health situation, there is a tendency to be uncomfortable or weak as indicated. Medical attention and proper medication are needed in those unpleasant lunar months. Medical check up will occupy much of your free time. Home safety must also be practiced often. Limit yourself from attending those unnecessary funeral activities or visiting serious ill persons. Precautionary measures must be taken during travel or transport. Domestic relationship is also not harmonious. Therefore, family concerns must be taken seriously. Love life is not in order. Although you cannot enjoy the fullest of your love and romance but wedding proposal is good to push through.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Dragon

The year 2012 for you will not be as blessed as you expected. It is a year mixed with positive and negative cycle in many of your undertakings. Although there are many disturbances crossing over your activities, but things can be settled smoothly due to influence of your bright sign as well as lucky star appeared on your path. But some endeavors will disappoint you due to envious friend and harmful people, but try not to give up. Being attentive is the best characteristic you should practice, because business and endeavors will encounter some obstacles. Avoid over expenses in order to save financial matter.

Illness will not be a serious problem this year, only some minor health discomfort in those unpleasant months. However, stress and worry must be avoided. The safety of yourself and of family members must be taken seriously specially during transport. Domestic differences will occupy much of your time. Dragon husband must refrain from engaging in illicit affair to avoid family disagreement. Love life may not be affected by your daily problems. Love relationship is considered affectionate and warm in many months. There are romantic periods of reaching out to become intimate and sweet with your love ones. A right year to win your love and pursue your wedding plans.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Rabbit

The Year of the Dragon for you is not an excellent year as what you expected. For tune is mixed of favorable and unfavorable months. But you will experience more negative aspects in your undertakings. You need extra efforts and time as well as full strength and energy to overcome those difficulties. In career point of view, the product of your work will not reach your expectation. Try your best in dealing with people and present yourself with a low profile character so you can avoid disagreement or dispute. Shifting from one job to another should not be done this year. In the business side, achievements will not be smoothly accomplished. Therefore try to strive harder. Bank borrowings will not solve your financial problems. Try not to engage in illegal financial activities to avoid losses. There is a tendency to harm your income, money matters should be carefully managed.

As indicated in your sign this year, health discomfort will burden you oftenly. Medical attention and proper medication will help solve your health problem. Always try to pay attention in your food intake including food safety and sanitation. Anger, worry, stress and depression should always be avoided in some months. Family relationship is not much affected by weak fortune sign. Therefore, a harmonious domestic affair can still be obtained. Love life may be considered sweet and romantic in most of the months. There will be more intimate periods in love and romance. Therefore, love affair will take most of your free time.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Tiger

2012 is a busy year for Tiger people. You will experience more unpleasant months than pleasant ones. However, lucky star appeared in your sign to counter bad luck. There are also some influential friends and Samaritans who are there for you to rely on. Always be alert, problems and disturbances may arise unexpectedly and will take much of your time. Career and profession are met by obstacles, always be patient. Concentration and hard work may eliminate difficulties. In the business point of view, only Chinese lunar months of May, September and October are considered good harvest period. Therefore take the opportunity to initiate your new investments. Always be attentive in all your money matters. There is a risk to pull down your financial fortune.

In your health situation, there is a tendency to be ill as indicated in your sign. But the said illness is manageable through medication. Routine medical checkup and being health conscious are recommended in order to protect yourself. Avoid being afflicted by diseases. Therefore be careful in your food intake. Travel and outing need extra care. And fire prevention must also be practice at home. There will be no major family conflict but always exercise home safety. Family matters will take most of your free time. Mutual consideration and understanding must always be in mid to enhance sweet love and romance. Love life is mixed with hot and cold cycle.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Ox

Ox people in the year 2012, fortune is more uncertain than last year, therefore not so favorable in many aspects. No lucky stars foreseen in your sign this year, you have to associate with snake people for having good fortune. You may experience hard time in career and profession as well as business and finance. Try your best to be more attentive in all your undertakings specially in those unpleasant lunar months. The result of your effort will not reach a satisfactory level, be patient and keep cool. In the business point of view, try to devote your extra efforts to turn over those disturbances into opportunities. Also, be extra careful in terms of money matters.

There are also some tendencies of having health discomfort, particularly in Chinese lunar months of March, May, June and September. Limit yourself from attending funeral activities. Medical attention is always needed. Health conscious must be exercised from time to time especially the Female Oxen. In domestic relationship, always keep a warm and care environment at home. Expect some family differences. Therefore, express more understanding and concern. Family matters will take most of your time this year. Love life is not sweet and affectionate as you expected. There will be an on and off cycle in love and romance. May experience both cold and warm affairs. You need to improve them by keeping your communication channel open.

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Rat

People born under the Rat sign this year are blessed with lucky stars. Therefore, fortune is much better than the past two years. Although some unexpected incidents may occur in your daily activities but they can easily be managed because of the lucky stars indicated. However, you must always strive harder in all you undertakings. In order to reach your expectation, patience is needed and avoid harmful friends. Although there are lucky stars in your sign, but financial fortune is not considered in a stable condition. There is a tendency that your money matters will be affected. New investments or initiating new projects will not prosper smoothly. Just concentrate on your present business position. A good chance for seeking better education or employment abroad. Try to exert extra efforts to obtain success.

No serious sickness indicated in your sign this year. But always be health conscious in order to avoid discomfort from time to time. Transportation safety must be observed always specially in the Chinese lunar months of February and April. Family activities and occasions will occupy most of your time. Always keep a sense of forgiveness at home in order to attain a harmonious domestic relationship. Your love and romance is considered moderate.

Monday, January 23, 2012

File Sharing Website Megaupload was Shutdown by US Authorities

US authorities have shut down one of the largest file sharing website and charged seven people with copyright crimes.

The file sharing site went offline as officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation laid out details of what they described as
"among the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States."

The site is popular with Hollywood celebrities and has been endorsed by music stars such as Kanye West. It was also reported Thursday that Swizz Beatz, a music producer married to the singer Alicia Keys, was its chief executive.

Beatz, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, was not named in the indictment.

The announcement of the indictment on Thursday came one day after Wikipedia, Google and other websites staged a protest against congressional legislation intended to crack down on online piracy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Using a Spreadsheet Application as Payroll Program?

I am quite surprised about this one though although I know a free spreadsheet application can be used in variety of useful ways, and yes I think it can be a good software to use as a payroll program but maybe for a small company but not on a large one.

Well I went to this organization (I'm not gonna reveal the name though) with my friend who's working at the finance department of the organization. As we pass by some of his office mate, I immediately notice that they are using a free spread sheet application in their payroll computation. Although I know it can be done, but I think it is rather risky, and maybe a little time consuming.

I ask my friend why they are using that free spread sheet application and not buy payroll software programs, he just said that some of the old employees are already satisfied using that spread sheet application and that buying a software would mean another period of adjustment while some are afraid that having a new software would mean a cut off of employee and other reason is budget. Well I can't argue about them on this, but for me it is better to buy a payroll software program, I think data would be more secure, work would be much faster.


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