Friday, July 31, 2009

Words to Avoid at Work

Here one i found at the library archive, its one of the common things we do say on work, especially when deadlines and busy schedules, we may not always notice what we say, and because of this, it may cause problems with our officemates or with our own career. So for the sake of your career, remember to avoid these words.

  • "Thats not my job." Yes it might not be your job since you've been asked, try to provide valuable input. Be a team player and problem solver and give your suggestion tactfully on how to deal with this issue at hand.
  • "Yeah, no problem." When you have no plan of doing it, that remark can earn you a reputation as being an unreliable person. So if you can't or won't complete the project, be honest about it.
  • "It's not my fault." Even if it's really not your fault, stop yourself from finger pointing. instead, be a problem solver and discuss the issue of blame later.
  • "To be honest with you." When you use this phrase, your officemate might doubt what you say if you don't use the phrase. Instead, without being rude, say what you need to say in a straightforward manner.
  • "I just didn't have enough time for that." Instead of excusing yourself, mention that your schedule is busy but you can accommodate the request if some other project can be rearranged. That way, you'll show that you take assignments seriously and only want to turn in your best work.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why is a square boxing area called a ring?

Well i never thought about it before, but come to think of it, yeah why is it called a ring, when in fact its shape is a square. Well I happened to read an issue regarding about this one.

The answer is that "ring" was first applied to to the boxing area but to the spectators who formed a ring around the combatants, according Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Although hand to hand combat was probably invented by the first 2 year old boy to discover he had a younger sibling, the first public matches took place in early 18th century England. These were bare-knuckled affairs with no time limit, no ropes and no referees. The winner was the last man standing. The ring of bloodthirsty fans formed an enclosure for the pugilist.

Although sanctioning bodies mandate the size of boxing rings, professional wrestling has no such requirement. In many venues, the same ring are used for boxing and wrestling. Amateur wrestling is done on mats laid across a floor. Ironically, the action in amateur wrestling is demarcated by a circle, yet it isn't called a ring. That's probably why the most common slang term for the ring in professional wrestling is "the squared circle".

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I was standing at the corner waiting for the red light, i was putting my battery for my DigiCam minding my own business, when suddenly a guy just hit my right side (lucky i was holding my camera firmly) he was walking fast and in a hurry. And as i was saying early, i was waiting for the red light, but this guy just ignore the traffic sign, and worse the traffic aid just stand by and watch this guy cross the street.

I happen to took a picture of that guy.

Hes the one with the black t-shirt crossing while its still on the GO signal for the vehicles and you can also see the red hand which means no crossing.

And I just notice it's not just him who is ignoring the traffic sign, here's one lady who just walk across not even looking if theres a car and is just focusing on her cellphone. I just can't understand some of the people just won't follow the traffic rules, is just a simple rule. But many ignore this. Maybe because the penalty is not that stiff or the enforcers are not that strict? one thing for sure if you cross during a green light and a high speeding vehicle hits you. Its either death or a serious injury thats waiting for you.

How about in your place? Is jaywalking penalty that big? Do people still obey traffic rules especially jaywalking.

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Cyber Expo @ SM

The Davao Cyber Expo at SM Davao was a fun experience for me and my wife, We got to see some cool computers, new online games like the TwelveSky 2, and want of my favorites, Cosplay.

This one I'm very familiar with, Kakashi Hatake of the Naruto Series.

Still from the Naruto Series, Sakura Haruno from the left and an anime character i don't know of hehehe.

Sasuke Uchiha, one of the main character of the Naruto Series.

Here we see a Menos Grande, who's a bit preoccupied at staring at the logo AMbox, so I didn't bother it, cause I might get fired by a cero hahahaha.

Of course some of the coolest PC, i really want to get one of those my self.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Unisex Toilet is Better?

The management in which i work in, suggested that, to cut down on expenses on materials and labor due to separate toilets for Man and Woman they would have to build a Unisex Toilet. I dunno if this is the solution or whatever, or if all the male and female employee agree to it. First of all (no offense to the ladies) they spent minutes in the mirror, they consume more minutes just using the toilet. As for men, the only time they have to spend more time in the toilet is, if they have to take a shit(ohh poop may sound a little cuter hehehe). And i think both men and women need their privacy, and its safer to keep men and women separate.

So do you think unisex toilet is the solution?
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Learn How to say NO

Learning how, and when to say no, takes practice, especially if you're someone who's honestly interested in helping other. Here are some tips to helps you to say NO.

  • Try and lose the guilt. By all means, be generous in helping others but let it be within the bounds of what you're capable of.
  • Make sure you fully understand requests before you agree to anything.
  • Avoid a culture of consensus. Often, we agree to do things to make people happy and on our side. Unfortunately this isn't always beneficial.
  • Stick to your plans. If saying yes to something throws your plan to get something done way off, make sure you question if it's worth it.
  • The best intentions might not have the best outcomes. Even if you feel you are helping by agreeing to take on a task you may be actually hindering other task from getting done.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Want to earn online???

Want to earn online, sign up with Short Task. Short Task is based on the idea that there are still many online jobs that cannot be fully replaced by technology. Whether it's researching detailed information, transcribing audio or video recordings, identifying objects in photographs or videos, or creating written content, some jobs are just better done by humans.

Earn money for task that range from $0.o5 to as high as $20.

click here to join Short Task.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Pac Mom

Yup its the pound for pound king Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao's mother, Aling Dionesia, other's call her Nanay Dionesia or Mommy Dionesia or the recent "The PacMom". Yup the The Pacman's mother is making waves, but not in the boxing ring but in showbiz and product endorsement (wow it really helps if your son is that well known throughout the world). She now starting to appear in TV commercials her face is all scattered on billboards and tarpaulin in the streets of Manila. Shes even conscious of her looks now, that she even had her own make up artist (a big time make up artist for sure).

Go PacMom....

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Animal Trivia

  • Dalmatians are the only breed of dog that gets gout(because they are the only mammals, other than humans, which produce uric acid).
  • Honeybees have hairs on their eyes to help them collect pollen.
  • The left leg of a chicken is tendered than the right one, which is uses most, therefore increasing muscle development.
  • The sperm of a mouse is longer than the sperm of an elephant.
  • A cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through.
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Say "Hello" to Anyone

Want to improve your relationship?? Say "hello" to anyone daily for at least one month. Here are some reasons why you should practice this.

  • Saying hello means acknowledging someone's existence, however brief it may be, to acknowledge some else gives that person a sense of worth. In exchange you become a person to them too.
  • Theres a study regarding this subject, wherein middle school teachers had to greet their students individually every month. The result, it raised the students productivity by 27 percent.
  • It can save your marriage. When did you last say hello to your spouse?.

And don't forget to say hello each morning to the person who needs it most - YOU
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Swimsuit cost cutting

Oh yeah, even the swimsuit business is into this, we are experiencing this crisis all over the world. I dunno if its a 2 piece swimsuit or a 1 piece swimsuit or maybe a left over of the garment use to make swimsuit. hehehehe

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last May we had our retreat at Bohol, which is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines. And the first thing i want to see when I get there is the tarsier, an endangered species found here at Bohol.

The Tarsier was so tiny as seen above and smelly to, the care takers caution us not to use flash on our cameras so as not to kill the Tarsier( Uhhhh? are you serious??) i dunno maybe because those creatures are nocturnal and are not familiar with flashes of light directly in their eyes. Poor little thing one of my friends forgot to turn off his flash and the Tarsier bowed his head and closed its eyes, I thought it might fall and die or something, glad it didn't.

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Did you know that 55% of people yawn within five minutes of seeing someone else yawn. Reading about yawning makes most people yawn. Try it out...
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can a Woman make the first move??

A close friend of mine ask, "hey ray can I ask a man for a date? uhhh i dunno, i said to her if you had the guts to ask a guy or if you really like him(I'm kinda on a awkward position here). But glad to say that after a few month she has found a boyfriend, well the guy ask her out, she said. But bringing us back to the topic. if a female friend of yours ask you a similar question what would you answer?. I ask my friend albert, hes guidance counselor, he told me if she has done that, She would loose big time. Why I ask? He said" Man is by nature a hunter, He likes the thrill of the chase. He likes pleasure of the pursuit. But if the prey chases the hunter, the hunter loses interest very quickly. Because its too easy. The thrill is gone." Ok, I think my friend should be a priest for what he said hehehehe. How about you what would you say?
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Apples Anyone???

I like apples, whenever I go home from work, i always buy apple from a nearby fruit stand. But did you know that.

  • There are 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world.
  • The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds.
  • Apples ripen six to ten times faster at room temperature than if they were refrigerated.
  • It takes energy from 50 leaves to produce 1 apple.
  • One apple provides as much as one-fifth of the recommended daily intake fiber.
  • Apple juice was one of the earliest prescribe antidepressant.
  • Apples may help you loose weight. A Brazilian study showed that 300 overweight women who ate 3 apples per day lost more weight than a similar group who didn't add fruit to their diet. Researchers believe that adding fruit to the diet of the overweight women changed their metabolic profiles.
  • Apple bruise easier than eggs break.

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Freddie Aguilar calls Charice 'monkey'

"Bayan ko" singer Freddie Aguilar denies calling international teen sensation and Oprah Winfrey favorite Charice Pempengco and Journey's Arnel Pineda 'Monkeys'. His alleged controversial remark irked Arnel and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. Accordng to reports, he slammed Arnel and Charice for mimicking the styles of other international artist, a remarked allegedly shared also by pop singer Mariah Carey who likened Filipino artist to monkey.

I dunno what came over to Freddie Aguilar to say that to Charice. I know that some of us do have some idols or inspiration that we do follow their style. Look at some player, they imitate some of their move from their idols like Jordan or Magic. Im not a fan of Charice, buy I do like her voice, such strong voice coming from such a small kid. As for Arnel Pineda, well he should imitate past journeys singer, and should sing like the past journey singer if not, why the hell should he sing for the band journey if he can sing the way it should be sang.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swine Flu now Unstoppable

Ive read at the news paper an article that says "Flu pandemic now unstoppable: WHO". The swine flu pandemic has grown"unstoppable" and all nations will need access to vaccines, a WHO official said, as 12 new deaths were reported and a study raised fresh concerns.

As death toll increased, the World Health Organization said a swine flu vaccine should be available as early as September and all countries would need to be able to protect themselves.

Particular attention would have to be paid to children since thy are considered "amplifiers" of the spread of the virus, especially when gathered in schools.

While most cases has been considered mild, a study released on Monday said the virus causes more lung damage than ordinary seasonal flu strains but still responds to antiviral drug.

( reading this makes my body chill, I just can't imagine walking on the streets and seeing all people wearing mask and all, Its like a nightmare. I hope they soon will solve this problem.)
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The Next Wonder Woman

I heard there are talks of making a new Wonder Woman movie. Of course all this talk talk about a live action Wonder Woman film is just a rumor or a speculation. No word yet on who would write or direct it.

But still, it would be nice to see the Amazon Princess finally getting an even shot at that box office. But for now let's talk about your pick on who would portray Wonder Woman. Around the net people are buzzing on who to play Wonder Woman, and 4 names are being eyed upon, they are Beyonce, Olivia Munn, Megan Fox and Pamela David. For me Wonder Woman should be tall, sexy and beautiful. Below are photos of the 4 names mentioned:

Pamela David

Megan Fox

Olivia Munn


My choice so far among the 4 would be between Megan Fox and Pamela David but if its the height factor Pamela David stands tall among the 4 at 5 foot 9 inches.

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