Thursday, February 28, 2013

8 Ways to Keep Safe When Out Shopping

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Shoppers this one is for you, here are tips to avoid losing money or important possessions when shopping in malls and other public places. 

  1. Bring only the exact amount of money you need.
  2. Bring only a limited number of credit cards.
  3. Keep your bag close to you at all times. When dining, avoid placing your bag on the chair beside you. Place it on your lap instead.
  4. Avoid keeping all your money in your bag. Put some of your money in your pockets.
  5. Move away from dark places and avoid using isolated comfort rooms.
  6. When inside an elevator, make sure that suspicious looking strangers don;t try to sandwich you.
  7. Position yourself sideways on the escalator so you can see the person in front and behind you.
  8. When you suspect that someone is stalking you, immediately report it to a security officer.


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