Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 simple Netiquette

1. First impressions. The agreed formula is to begin with the name of the addressee: don't use the fuddy-buddy "Dear Bob". but simply "Bob" A cherry "Hiya" is over familiar. Simply launching into your message is unduly abrupt, unless the two of you are regular correspondents rapidly sending messages back and forth.

2. Mind your manners. NEVER WRITE MESSAGES IN CAPITAL LETTERS - it's considered the Internet equivalent to shouting. Because e-mail takes place in the absence of the recipient, it lacks the inhibition imposed by their presence (even if only on the phone), so it's easy to be rude or think that e-rudeness doesn't count.

3. Think before your send. E-mails fired off in haste may cause lifetimes of repentance. Before you press that button, pause. Do you really mean that insult, threat or offer of money? Would you like to get the message you're about to send? Are you prepared to honor any offers or threats you make?

4. You've got mail. Always check your messages. Only a fool would leave his post lying around unopened or not listen to his answering machine. The same applies to your e-mail inbox. There is a film producer who hands out his e-mails address but says, "Don't bother e-mailing me. I never check it" Why have it in the first place?

5. Cyberspeak with care. Picasso was a technically brilliant draughtsman, so when he painted women with both eyes on once side of their heads he did so as a matter of creative choice. Similarly, you should not write e-mails in abbreviated or poor English - such as "c ya tonite" or "lol", meaning "laugh out loud" - unless you have demonstrated a grasp of the real thing. Otherwise you risk being exposed as a fake.

6. Don't techno bully. The internet has its own snobbery, and Web geeks can be terribly rude to those less computer literate. The considerate e-mailer, however, never looks down on those who can't work the latest gizmos and checks with the recipient that they have the equipment required to read a message or open an attachment. It is not a crime to baffled by the Web, particularly since its greatest experts are often baffled by life.

7. Beware mass mailing. It is never flattering to receive an e-mail then discover it has been sent to hundreds of others. Mass mailing are acceptable when sending jokes or invitations, but unacceptable as chain letters. If you have to send a message to everyone in your address book, keep the other names hidden using blind carbon copy (bcc), unless you know they are friends or colleagues.

8. Say something nice. Some etiquette experts feel that invitations, acceptances and thank-yous should be sent via old fashioned post. I disagree. More over, a positive e-mail, be it words of congratulations or affection, can brighten a day.

9. Never e-dump lovers. On the other hand, it is bad form to give anyone the heave-ho by e-mail. If you must write, rather than see them face to face, it is more respectful to do so by hand. The casualness of e-mail is as insulting as it is dismissive.

10. Write for the record. Use e-mail as a chance to recreate the joys of letter writing. Telephone conversations vanish into the ether, but all the e-mails you've ever sent or received are sitting on a hard disk. Who knows? Others may want to read them some day. So remember to put some care into your correspondence.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is 40 Really the New 30?

Cheer up, ladies! you are not as old as you think. You may have turned 40 on your last birthday, but you're not actually a day over 30.

An international team of experts has redefined what it means to grow old. The new definition: It's not how long you've been alive that counts, but rather how many years you have left. As life expectancy has lengthened, the whole idea of middle aged has shifted, making 40 the new 30. And 50 is the new 40.

It's true! People who are nearing retirement are as vigorous and healthy as middle aged people were a century ago.

Do you seem younger than your parents were when they were the age you are now? It's not your imagination. In many ways, people today act younger than their parents did at the same age. And that is because of our psychological shift in judging our age not by how long we have lived but rather by how many more years we have to look forward to on this Earth.

Credit this to the new math. As people have more and more years to live, they have to save more and plan more and they effectively are behaving as if they were younger. A lot of our skills, our education, our savings, and the way we deal with our health care depend a great deal on how many years we have to live.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reasons Why Men Dump Women

They sure have enough excuses - "I need more space", "I think we'd be better off as friends" - but what are the real reasons men leave their ladies? We get behind the old line, "It's not you, it's me," to find out.

The thrill is gone. He won;t admit it's the whole reason, but it may be well be. When he starts feeling like he's seen your whole bag of female trick, or you're not the mysterious, glamorous creature you were when you started dating, he starts getting the itch to get out. Some men get far too caught up in the fantasy thing. Once that mystery and enchantment is gone-oh, say, about the time you ask him to pick up your laundry-he will be, too.

You've change. Shallow? uh-huh, but it's true: if you've stopped taking care of your appearance once you've got him hooked, he'll use that as a reason to bail out. (Incidentally, he's more likely to stick it out if he's let himself go, too).

You tried to change him. It's practically a cliche by now, how women fall for the "bad boy" with the mistaken assumption that they can remake him into the man of their dreams. It's dangerous enough even to try. But if you actually succeed, you can start counting the minutes until he cuts the cord. In an effort to get back to being the free spirit he once was, he'll change his surroundings-starting with you.

He can't breathe. Sure, he loves attention, but if your adoration starts to smother him, he'll bolt. Ditto when your relationship is marked by too mane spats, too many jealousy-or your constant need for his reassurance of how special you are, how solid your relationship is, and how much you can trust him.

You're not his ideal. He went into your relationship with an unrealistic idea of who you were and what kind of couple the two of you would be. Now that he's realized you're not The One, he's going to look for someone who is.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Five Types Of Stalkers

Celebrities are heading the headlines when it comes to stalking. Stars like Catherine Zeta Jones has receive threatening letters from a stalker who is infatuated with her husband.Other hollywood actors have lived with it for years. While celebrity makes the news, far more frequently it's those living normal lives - women and men both - who are stalked by someone they know, typically a former partner or someone they're involve with.

There's a line between the overzealous pursuer and the stalker. Stalking is much more about inducing fear. The overwhelming majority of stalkers are men - four to one. Psychiatrist have developed several stalker profiles:

  • The Rejected Stalker. This person was rejected in a relationship, and they perceive it as an insult, they feel wounded, and they are seeking vindication.
  • The Resentful Stalker. These are self righteous, self pitying people who may threaten, but are the least likely to act on it.
  • The Intimacy Seeking Stalker. They believe they are loved or will be loved by the victim. Often they focus on someone of higher social status. This person is mentally ill and delusional.
  • The Incompetent Stalker. This person is socially backward. He doesn't really understand the social rules involved in dating and romance. He doesn't mean any harm.
  • The Predator. This is about sexual gratification, control and violence. The stalker doesn't necessarily know the victim. The victim may not know she is being stalked. But a predator plans his attack, rehearses it, and has lots of sexual fantasies about it.
The rejected and predatory stalkers are most likely to assault their victims.

Here's something to consider: Are you a stalker? If you see this obsessive pattern in yourself, see a therapist or join a support group.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Make Room For New Love! Exorcise Your Ex!

Are you possessed by spirits of boyfriends past? When you can't get your ex out of your mind, it's all too easy to remain stuck with the memories and forget that better fish are available. The only way to lay old "ghost" to rest - and make room for new love - is to exorcise your ex!

Release the Demons
Before you can move on, you need to let out all those pent up feelings that are haunting you. It's totally normal to feel sad, upset, disappointed, lonely and even furious about the way things ended. Release those feelings! Talk to someone you trust and have a good cry or rant. Punch your pillow or write out your emotions in a diary. Draw zits on his photo if that makes you feel better. Do whatever it takes to squeeze out all that hurt you've been holding on to.

Seal the Gates of Hell
Seeing the relationship end can hurt like hell. To heal that pain, you've got to put the past behind you and close the gates on those feelings, so they can never creep back in. Start by getting rid of everything that reminds you of him. Toss those photos, birthday cards and mementos, or at least stash these in a box and shove it to the back of your closet. Delete his e-mails and his name on your Friendster, Facebook and Twitter list. Remove all evidence that he was once part of your life, and say goodbye to painful memories.

Cleanse Thyself
To prevent a sequel to the horror that was your breakup, free yourself of left over feelings. List the reasons why you're better off without him and remember to include all his ugly points. Now make a list of the things you want from a boyfriend in the future. You'll soon see that the past is best left behind you, while the future has much better things in store.

Stay Strong
Despite such measures, the ghost of your relationship may still haunt you for a while. That's why it is important to stay strong in your commitment to move on without him. Stop checking your e-mails obsessively - or rushing hoe to see if he's called. Find a new route that doesn't put you in his path. Don't be tempted to text or instant message him. And more daydreaming about getting back together! Break free from all the memories of your past relationship, and you'll be ready for another one.

Create Positive Vibes
A scary experience like breaking up will change you. That's good, because you will learn from it and be ready to move as an all new improved person. This is a great time to reassess your life and set some new goals. Throw yourself into new activities and make new friends. Start looking forward to a happier life, and forget about looking back. Focus on a positive future, and let the past go!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midnight Screening on July 26 2011 at SM Digital Cinema for the Movie Captain America

Captain America, SM Davao, Davao City, Movies, Avengers, Raynan, Raynan's World, Marvel Comics

After being deemed unfit for military service in World War II, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project. Through this, he became a recipient of the "Super Soldier Serum" which turned him into the living symbol of freedom, Captain America.

Left for dead while frozen in ice, the star spangled hero with an indestructible shield awoke years later to continue hid battle for liberty.

Catch Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Samuel Jackson in this Marvel Comics action packed adventure flick by Joe Johnston.

Wow, I can't wait to see this movie, only a few heroes and we are of to Avengers. Let's see now, we have Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and now Capt. So now a movie of Ant man and the Wasp maybe is coming? Well if not, these 4 heroes together will be a huge movie for the upcoming Avengers.

But for now, lets just see Captain America: The First Avengers (3d) screens in advance on July 26, 11:59 PM at SM Davao Digital Cinema. Tickets are now available at SM Ticket booth and at

For inquiries, please call 297-6998 local 122.

Monday, July 18, 2011

For Women - What To do When Attacked

One woman out of 3 has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime, and most often the abuser is a member of her own family. Below are some things you can do when attacked.
  • Talk. Say anything that may allow you to escape.
  • Fight. Aim for sensitive parts of the body: groin, eyes, windpipe, kneecap. The first blow is very important and must be accurate. You might not have another chance.
  • Submit. This is not the same as consenting, but this may be the only way to save your life. But don't allow yourself to be tied up. That will make you lose all your options.
  • Run. Get away and look for crowds, houses with lights on, a busy street, etc.
  • Remember. If persuasion and resistance don't work, concentrate on identity: age, height, scars or birthmarks, clothes, car and license number.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lunch at Hukad inside Abreeza Mall Davao City

Grandpa invited us to have lunch at Abreeza mall yesterday, he wants to show us a place where he had previously eaten. He had all praises for the place because of its delicious foods. The place he was referring to is Hukad which was located at the 2nd floor of Abreeza mall, not much familiar yet with the exact place in the second floor so if you ever decided to go there, just ask around.
The place is not that big though but the waiters and waitress are very accommodating. We only ordered a few foods, I hope we had ordered more because the food was (and my father was right) DELICIOUS, to be exact lutong pinoy and on top of that unlimited rice!!!! that alone my friend is a big YES for me hahahahahaha. Here are photos of the place and some of our orders.



Hukad sa Golden Cowrie


Accommodating staff (rice please hehehehe)






Some of our orders Cebuano Kinilaw, Bicol Express, Blue Marlin, Chicken Barbecue, Sago at Gulaman.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Simple Tips on Borrowing Money

While the best advice regarding borrowing money is "don't", there are times when taking a loan is a good choice. Follow these tips when you do:

  • Shop around for Interest rates. You might find a lower interest just by spending a few additional minutes or hours talking with a few more banks. They want your business so don't be intimidated. You have control over who you want to do business with. So choose wisely and carefully.
  • Try home equity loans. If you're going to do a large purchase or expense, you can tap into the equity in your home, otherwise called home equity loan or a second mortgage. This will allow you to leverage the money you've already paid against your mortgage and use the value of your home as collateral against the larger loans. Check out private banks on this one.
  • Check out lines of credit. Lines of credit have more flexibility than standard loans. They are like bank accounts and you only pay the interest on the outstanding balance. This is helpful to set up in an emergency.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simple Steps in Saving Money

Saving money doesn't have to be an unreachable dream. Check out some practical steps to help you stop living from paycheck to paycheck.
  • Set saving goals. Figure out what you need to save for, how much and how long you need to save ( could be short term or long term). Set an attainable time frame or you might get discouraged.
  • Figure out how much you'll have to save per paycheck or per month. Total your savings goals. Can you afford to save that much for each period? Make sure your saving is your priority and not a leftover consideration.
  • Keep a record of your expenses. Write down all your expenses on a given period and assess them. Think about your priorities, and make cuts that you can live with.
  • Reassess your savings goals. If you really can't fit in your savings goals into your budget, check the goals and cut out the less important goals or adjust the time frame.
  • Make a budget and stick to it. Now that you've managed your income with your savings goals and your spending, write down a budget you can live with. try to leave room for unexpected expenses.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Three A's to a Great Relationship

Are you having problems with your partner? Does your relationship need some cranking up? Address it as soon as possible. Most splits are due to gradual slips in each partner's behavior rather than a single cataclysmic event. This is a sad thing since it can be prevented. Here are some simple tips for in order for you to have a great relationship with your partner.

1. Appreciation. Gratitude is the simplest life preserver for relationships. It makes the other person feel seen and heard, that he or she matters. Strive daily to think of something that your partner did and thank him or her for it, even those on bad days. It will help you both weather the storms of love.

2. Attention. This advice goes out to men but women can learn from this too. Don't be too busy that you forget to give your partner attention. Husband, have you stopped bringing her flowers or giving her a note for no reason? Wife, have you become too busy with housework that you've forgotten to say I love you? Remember, you're committed to a human being, not to a work machine or a house robot.

3. Appearance. This tip is for women although men are not exempted. Men are visual creatures so take good care of how you look. Make your appearance a priority. And men, if you expect your wives to look good, please do the same as well.

A healthy relationship will bring back the emotions and desires that drive you to each other. So keep at it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't Be a 40 Year Old Virgin

Have you watch this movie? I have, yes the movie is funny, it makes you laugh your hearts out. But here's the question would you want that to happen to you? Would you want to reach that age without having to experience sex? or even the first base maybe, or even just be able to make a conversation to a woman? Frightening isn't it hahahaha.

But there are actually ways how to avoid being that 40 year old virgin. There are ways on how to get girls to like you or even get that girl to be hooked to you forever. The technique really is simple you must get to know the type of girl you are dating. A lot of experts give advice for dating, you can read it almost anywhere magazines, books, internet.

But most of those techniques are not successful because they assume one technique can work for every woman, which is not, because there are many type of women, and for every type there is a different approach. Its like a puzzle one piece can't fit in all.

There's actually a system that can help you in this problem, you may shell out money from your pocket for this system, but who cares about the price if you can get what you want. The system I'm talking about is the Pandoras Box, with this you can be assured of the woman of your dreams.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sexy Cosplay Goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao Will Be on SM DCE Davao


Alodia Gosiengfiao, the cosplay goddess herself will be at SM City Davao Event Centre on July 31, 2011, during the Cosplay Fashion Walk. I'm already checking my schedules so I will be available on that day. I hope my trusty Digi Cam will be enough to capture photos of her, because I'm sure the place will be full.



Also in the Event Centre will be the Cyber Expo, which is set to be there for 3 days, starting from July 29-31. Catch hard core battle of teams from all over Mindanao for cash and pride at the DOTA Challenge (GODLIKE!!!!!). BLINQUE TechXtreme will also showcase the best hardware and PC installations in the region while Intel returns with more in house tournaments with Street Fighter VI on top of the list. Participants get a shot at defeating the elite DCWired teams in various games and get instant cash prizes at the DCW Open Challenge. For more info please visit

See you all at SM guys and gals.

Money And Frugality Tips

Being frugal doesn't mean being a miser. It just means using restraints in your resources so you can achieve lasting and more fulfilling goals. Below are some tips on how you can live this way:

1. Buy a used car. The most expensive miles on a car are the first 10,000. So let someone else drive those for you. You save a lot of money considering how little value the car has actually lost.

2. Be patient. Don't buy that new gadget today even if everyone has it. Wait a month or two and the price will certainly go down.

3. Buy airline tickets as far in advance as possible. Buy at least two months in advance and you'll get the cheapest rates. For holiday travel especially, buy as soon as you can.

4. Never buy extended warranty. New products usually come with a 90 day or one year warranty anyway.

5. Make your own meals. Eating out is expensive if you do it often.

6. Get a better cell phone plan. If you've been using the same cell phone plan for two years, chances are there's something better out there. Call your mobile provider to find out.

7. Be bank wise. A lot of banks charge you checking fees or minimum account balance fees. Find a bank that does not.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Your Office Desks is Dirtier Than Toilet Seats

You might be surprised when you read this, especially if you're an office worker. But your desk has more germs than your toilet. And if you're a woman, you have more bacteria on your desk than your male co-worker.

A study has been conducted and has found out that the average office desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average office toilet seat.

Though women's desks typically look cleaner, the knickknacks are more abundant, and cosmetics and hand lotions make prime germ transfer agents. Makeup cases also help keep germs, along with phones, purses and desk drawers.

Using a hand sanitizer and using a disinfectant on office surface helps. There were 25 percent fewer bacteria on surfaces that were regularly disinfected once a day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Keep The Romance Alive for Married Couples

As with most good things in life, it takes work to keep the flame of love burning. Let romance continue in your marriage with some helpful steps below:

  • TELL THE TRUTH. It's the ultimate aphrodisiac and a great way to create connection between husband and wife. So tell the truth, like, "I feel safe when I am with you." Just share your feelings and speak from your experience.
  • APPRECIATE YOU AND YOUR PARTNER. Take time to understand and focus on what it is you like about yourself, and your partner. Successful relationships have a five to one ratio of appreciations to criticisms; so if you want some fires lit, start appreciating.
  • LISTEN. We all want to be seen and heard. Just being with your partner and just really listening can be magical for you both.
  • CREATE ROMANCE WITHIN YOURSELF FIRST. Instead of looking for the spark from your partner, why don't you start the fire? Create your own romantic mood - dress up, put on music, prepare tasty food. Take time to love and appreciate yourself first. It will not be long before your partner will join the fun.
  • ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Tell your partner that you want to spend some romantic time with him/her. (You might be surprised at how often many of them are unaware of this.) Of course, the best strategy is through kind and loving words.

Too Much Love Will Kill You, and Those Close To You

It's not the song that I'm talking about, well I can't find a good title for the post and that song well kinda fits in with this topic. Well it's about sex addiction or some may say lust. Sex is good, but too much can also be damaging. Even celebrities break up because of this, one familiar celebrity would be Courtney Cox of the hit series "Friends" who revealed that one of her problems with her marriage to David Arquette was that he constantly wanted sex.

Having sex can be a form of expressing ones love to her partner, but too much well , is too much. So what is Sex Addiction by the way? it is when a person begins to have trouble controlling certain sexual behaviors and impulses. Their sexual relationships, habits and need may become consistently excessive and compulsive and their sexual thoughts , fantasies and desires may become increasingly extreme and obsessive in nature. Some causes of this is due to hormonal imbalance. Overproduction of some hormones is said to have the result of sexual addiction some would be the result of abuse during childhood.

If you have sexual addiction fear not, there is a place you could seek help and heal you. Visit the Sexual Addict Therapists Directory, there are counselors and therapist who have special training to help you recover from this addiction.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Liturgical Vestment Made of Indigenous Materials Showcased at The Museum of Transfiguration Monastery, Bukidnon

The highlight for me during my visit to The Museum of Transfiguration Monastery in Bukidnon was the different design of Liturgical Vestment made from indigenous materials found here in the Philippines. Vestments are liturgical garments and articles associated with the Christian religion. The designer of this masterpiece is no other then Dom Martin Gomez, who before entering the monastery was a well know Haute Couturer. Even though he left the limelight when he entered the monastery his passion for designing still burns in him. He started conducting research on indigenous materials by visiting places in the Philippines, tapping talents from the countries best weavers from several tribal groups to help him on his designs. I have the complete photos of the exhibit but I will only post some of his works because it will take time and space on my site.

Rose chasuble of piña-seda (pineapple-silk blend) has "calado" (drawn thread work) all over the surface with stylized petal designs embroidered all around the hem and on the stole. For third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) and the fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday).

Green chasuble of cotton hand-woven in the Mountain Province in Northern Luzon. T'nalak material of abaca woven by the T'boli of South Cotabato is used for the stole. Green hand embroidery in weave stitch traces the T'nalak design.

Yellow-gold humeral veil of hand woven abaca from Kalibo, aklan has geometric embroidery made in Lumban, Laguna.

Ecru benediction cope of hand-woven abaca from Kalibo, Aklan is embroidered in satin stitch with the various flowers of the Philippines by the "bordadoras" of Cavite. The whole surface features drawn thread work done by the "bordadoras" of Lumban. Held in place by a gold plated morse, this cope may be used for benediction on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (January 1).

Procession canopy made of hand woven abaca embroidered in "Langkit" patterns. An embroidered dove, the symbol of the holy spirit, is at the center. Shell beads and carved cenarion and mother of pearl shells in petal shapes hang like tassels all around the edges. Wooden poles are usually used to hold the canopy during processions.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Benefits of Marriage Counseling

There are lots of marriages that are on the rocks nowadays. No one is dispensable with this kind of situation. We can see broken marriages in our neighborhood and in our workplace. We see it on television news, we read it on the Internet and newspapers and even our very own families are not exempted. It affects all kinds of people regardless of race, religion, financial capacity and social status.

There are so many reasons why broken marriages occur. One of the reasons is getting married too early. Sometimes, young people can be too assertive and think that they are already capable of building a family even at their tender age and so they get married. When they are already in the real world of marriage and the excitement during courtship ceases, they easily fall apart. Another reason which is a very common cause of broken marriages is unfaithfulness. Some people may not be committed enough to their matrimonial vows that they get involved and have an affair with somebody else. For various reasons, they commit adultery or concubinage and when their partners find out about it, that moment becomes the beginning of an end to their otherwise, good marriage. Psychological incapacity is another rampant reasons of marital turmoil. The long list goes on.

In spite of the rising number in statistics of broken marriages, divorce and separations, there are ways to save ones marriage and not be included in those numbers. First and foremost is understanding your partner and being in constant communication with him/her. Showing in many simple ways that you love your partner can nurture a good marriage. When things get rough and the going gets tough, you can undergo marriage counseling and believe me, your marriage and family for that matter, is worth it. If you live in Denver Colorado area, you may consider going to Denver Marriage Counselors for they have highly qualified, well-trained professionals who can help you in many ways.

Beautiful Painting Donated by the Late President Corazon C. Aquino at The Museum of Transfiguration Monastery Bukidnon

This is a continuation of my previous post on The Museum of Transfiguration Monastery in Malaybalay Bukidnon. This painting can be found together with my previous post about Sto. Niño Gospel Cover Book. The painting is donated by out late president Corazon C. Aquino in which she gave during her visit in the Monastery's Silver Jubilee Celebration. I forgot to ask Dom Martin if it was Cory who painted it or if it was just one her painting collections. I was busy trying to take photos of some of the display. Here are the photos of the donated painting of the late president.




Friday, July 1, 2011

The Sto. Niño Gospel and The Sacramentary Book Cover in The Museum of Transfiguration Monastery at Malaybalay Bukidnon

I had to divide this into several post because there are plenty of nice exhibits found at The Museum of Transfiguration Monastery. Two of them would be the Sto. Niño Gospel Book Cover and the Sacramentary Book Cover.



The Sto. Niño Gospel Book Cover. This single item in the collection embodies the weaving and embroidery traditions of the whole Philippines. The base is of abaca woven by the B'laan tribe in Mindanao using guava leaves as dye to achieve a caramel beige color. The image of the Sto. Niño (Holy Child) is embroidered on banana-seda (abaca-silk blend) woven in Kalibo, Aklan. "Needle painting" embroidery of the Sto. Niño was done in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo, also in the Visayas, while the braided border of the medallion and the thread for the sunburst design were made by the Ifugao of Northern Luzon, of hand-rolled fiber from the bark of a tree. The gold embroidery, a craft learned from the Spanish, was done by the "bordadoras" in Manila while the seed pearls used for ornamentation came from Zamboanga.



Sacramentary book cover of hand woven abaca made by the B'laan of Mindanao. The braided border of the medallion and the thread for the sunburst design were made by the Ifugao of Northern Luzon, of hand-rolled fiber from the bark of a tree. The gold embroidery, a craft learned from the Spanish, was done by the "bordadoras" in Manila whilewhile the seed pearls used for ornamentation came from Zamboanga.


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