Monday, December 14, 2009

How To Train Your Puppy

Are you a dog lover? do you have a pet puppy in your house? I saw in a TV sitcom once of a man showing some trick done by his dog, well sounds familiar, but there's one thing that caught my interest the dog that is doing all those neat tricks is not your typical house dog or dogs that are high breed/purebreeds such as a Dalmatian, Poodle or a Golden Retriever. Its what Filipinos call ASKAL or Asong Kalye or Street Dog. Yup its street dog but it can do such great tricks. The secret? its how you train your dog when its still a puppy. Here is a site that can really help you in that aspect. The site is Puppy Training Guide. The site teaches you on basic dog commands such as sit, lay down, fetch and more. But aside from the basic it will also help you in training you puppy to behave. Believe me its worth it. You don't want your puppy eating your favorite slipper or shoes or digging holes on your front lawn. Click the link Puppy Training Guide, train your puppy now.
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