Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashionable Nursing Scrub Suit

I miss my days as a nursing student, well to be exact, a second courser in Nursing. It was years already since I finished my nursing course, as of now I'm concentrating on my work, and still is deciding whether to pursue on taking a board exam in nursing. I really like it when I was assigned to the operating room or delivery room, because that's where all the action is. When I'm in that area, we where required to wear scrubs. My only problem is my cotton scrubs is way bigger than my size, which make me look a lot bigger, and a little untidy. I have to order that suit from my classmate and the available sizes where just medium, large and extra large. I chose the XL but didn't know that it was that big hahaha, but it's already there so I had to make due.

I only had 1 pair of that suit so I had to be careful not to stain it hahahaha. But still being inside the OR and DR was a blast. Now a days I would see nursing students in their scrub suit, and theirs is now a little fashionable than mine was years back. In terms of design, cloth, brand. Wow, its really nice to look at. I ask one student where she bought her suit and said to me, their group had decided to buy medical scrubs online. Ahhh technology nowadays, almost everything can be bought online. I'm also planning to buy one online to, since I really like those new fashionable suits these days.


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Sandra said...

Hello, Im selling a blue scrubs for as low as $8.95. You can call me at 1.866.967.8573

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