Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A boot for my wife

It was last week when me and my wife was watching a movie, it was a horror movie. I think it was Zombieland and there was this female character that is really whipping the ass of the lead character and also the zombies. But my wife was not that interested in the movie though because she's not a fan of the horror movies. But there is one thing that really caught her attention and that was the boots that the female lead was wearing, well to be precise it was a hunter boots a perfect combination to her black jean which really gives her a look of a hunter.

Well my wife keeps on telling me that she really like those boots, but its not available here in our malls, so I was a bout to give up when I stumble upon this website on the net that sells this type of boots. There's this one boots that I want to purchase for her, its a hunter wellington boots. Though its not the exact thing as in the movies, but i think this would do. I'm sure she'll like it.
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reyapot said...

sweet naman bro... a boot for the wifey..

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