Sunday, January 30, 2011

What are the Benefits of Dating

During adolescence, some adolescence begin to date. Dating is a social plans with another person, some refer to having a date as "going out" or "hanging out" with someone. Here are some benefits of adolescence dating.

  • Strengthening self esteem. Being liked and accepted by members of the opposite sex is especially important during adolescence. Asking someone to share an activity and having this person accept affirms an adolescent's belief about his or her attractiveness and desirability. Being seen with a person of the opposite sex who is well liked by peers also reinforces self esteem. Successful dating experiences provide the foundation for continuing to take risks in the dating game. In other words, when adolescents feel that a date was successful, they gain confidence that they are successfully managing their social life.
  • Improve social skills. Adolescents often have concerns about the social skills needed for dating. "What do I talk about with my date?" "What do I do if I can't think of what to say?" Dating provides the opportunity to practice social skills. Some of these skills might include meeting someone's parent or guardians for the first time, mutually deciding on enjoyable activities, initiating and contributing to meaningful conversation, and using good manners.
  • Becoming secure win one's masculinity of femininity. Two important developmental tasks of adolescence are accepting the body changes that are occurring as a result of puberty and becoming comfortable with one's sex role. The issue of masculinity and femininity is especially important. Males need opportunity to test their feelings about the masculine sex role. Is it masculine to be macho? To be vulnerable? Females need the opportunity to test their feelings about the feminine role. Is it feminine to be strong willed? To be independent? An adolescents comfort level with his or her masculinity or femininity is reinforces by being able to express several aspects of his or her personality, being able to have a wide variety of interest, and gaining acceptance.
  • Developing skills in intimacy. Healthful relationships are about closeness. This closeness is referred to as intimacy. A lack of intimacy in important relationships such as those between close friends, marriage partners, and parents and their children can be very painful for everyone involved. Almost everyone has had the experience of being with a friend or being in a crowd yet still feeling lonely. Lack on intimacy can lead can lead to feelings of alienation and unworthiness. The skills needed to have intimate relationships must be practiced. A sense of trust and caring and compassion are particular importance to the development of intimacy. While dating, adolescents have the opportunity to display trust and to interact in caring and compassionate ways.
  • Understanding personal needs. In a healthful relationship, people have an understanding of each others needs and desire to meet those needs in healthful ways. Therefore, it is essential for adolescents to be in touch with their needs and to be able to share those needs in appropriate ways with significant others. While dating, adolescents can learn ways to have needs met in healthful ways. In addition, they can learn about the needs that other people have and hoe these needs can be met in a healthful ways. For example, some adolescent need to have more time alone than others. Some adolescents need more encouragement in the form of compliments to feel supported in a significant relationship.

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UK Dating Sites said...

My name is Bill. All the points you have mentioned are very nice. yeah dating is an essential part of social life. It increases confidence and improves social life of a person.

Ultimatch - Dating said...

Dating it is already part in the humans life. It's like on socializing to the other people in-order to increase confidence to itself.

Ted Moore said...

Dating is a good way to know other people. You got a good explanation in your blog and its useful to understand more the meaning of dating.

John M. Howard said...

If we talk about on having benefits of having a date, there are quite many but how about its dis-advantages?

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