Monday, January 10, 2011

Sexiness in your Voice

Now lets compare the last two actress who played the sexy villain Catwoman, most people said that Halle Berry could never out-purr the sexy meow of feline fatale Michelle Pfeiffer. But does that make Pfeiffer sexier than Berry?

A study shows that those with attractive voices are more likely to be sexually adventurous. Researchers had 149 men and women rate recorded voices according to attractiveness. The study also showed that the most appealing voices belonged to people who had sex at an early age, had more sexual partners and were prone to infidelity.

The audibly seductive men had broad shoulders and narrow hips while sultry sounding women had smaller waists and wider hips. Also, their pinky finger on one hand is almost the same size as that on the other.

A theory suggests that long before humankind discovered the light bulb, people relied on voice quality to determine sex appeal.
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