Friday, February 4, 2011

Nuggets Of Wisdom at Meetings

Here are some great nuggets of wisdom picked up during office meetings.

  • In management, people learn and respond to what are. Similarly, children adopt their parents characteristics whether their parents want them to or not.
  • Remember the "reciprocity rule" of human behavior. If I had a low opinion of you, you will eventually feel the same way about me.
  • Communication has its limits. Candid communication is advisable only if the balance of power between two persons is relatively equal.
  • Listening is more difficult than talking, People are more likely to change when they have the chance to talk.
  • Praising people does not motivate them. Praise reminds people that they are being judged.
  • Big changes are easier to follow than small ones. If change is big enough to withstand resistance, people are more likely to submit.
  • We learn not from our failures but from our successes and the failures of others. Success encourages us to continue. But while failure is demoralizing, it is important because it tests out limits. It is also human nature to empathize with those who fail.
  • There is no right way to be a manager. Different types of leaders enjoy equal success. Also, organizations thrive because other employees work hard, too, and make leaders look good.
  • Fix situations not people. While it looks life people foul up, situations are the real culprit. Make changes to get people and systems to work better.
  • If there's any one true thing that can be said about leaders, it is that they trust their own instincts.
  • Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for. They are the most important and humane and make us the best we can be. The absurd lesson of it is one must know what is a lost cause and give his best anyway.

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