Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrub suits are not just for Nurses

When I was still a student in nursing what I really like wearing is my hospital scrubs uniform. I really feel comfortable wearing it, it's loose, it's also attractive. Sometimes I'm tempted to wear it outside after our duty, but its against school regulations to wear our nursing uniform after duty. Wearing it would mean a penalty of additional duty hours from a specific area and a fine. So after our duty we change to our type A uniform or civilian clothes.

Now is different from our days, hospital uniform are sometimes used as casual wears. You'll see people wearing nurse scrub tops with a denim jeans. They looked so cool. There was this time that I ask a person wearing a scrub suit at the mall and asked if shes a nursing student. She told me no, she just likes the design of it. She told me she had this scrub sets ordered online. Wow the net sure make things possible and convenient. As for me, I'm going online too and will buy a pair of custom made scrubs for me and my wife, she too loves to wear


Nursing Uniforms said...

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Sandra said...

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