Friday, February 11, 2011

Things not to do at your Workplace

Here are some things to avoid when you are at work, doing this will save you from getting your boss mad or the worse an immediate dismissal.

1. Falling asleep at work. This looks unprofessional and is generally not appreciated by employers. Check your lifestyle or your career choice. If you find yourself drifting off on a regular basis, you are probably spending late nights out or in need of a more stimulating career.

2. Stealing from the office. It may seem like it's no big deal. Bringing home office supplies like bond paper, paper clips and so on. But still it's considered stealing. And it doesn't only apply to material things. Stealing could take the form of using office time for personal matters, like spending so much time on Facebook or chatting with a friend.

3. Taking credit for someone else's work. Again, this can be classified as stealing. You steal idea from a colleague and make it appear as if it were your own. How to prevent someone from stealing your idea? By keeping your supervisor informed of your ideas and your progress.

4. Spreading a rumor about a coworker. You may think some office gossip is relatively harmless, but it sure is damaging not only to the subject but also to the rumor-monger. You can get the reputation of being untrustworthy or downright devious. And it can lead to a lawsuit.

5. Lying about an academic background. In most companies, this is a ground for dismissal. If you feel you don't have the required education, it is better to earn a real degree then lie about one your resume.
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