Thursday, April 21, 2011

Social Media for Business

We all know what social media is all about. Almost all people of all ages are using this social media. We use it to find people we love, to find long lost relatives, to find a friend, to be noticed. Some companies even use this to promote their products or sites.

What I want though is a social media application that is purely for business. We all know that most social media are mostly focused on getting to know people, some even are just a waste of time or out of this world. But wouldn't you like a social media where you can meet people that can help you on your business? A place where you can get pieces of advice from people who are really good at business? I do!! If ever there would be such an application it would be a heaven sent for business people. You could just imagine a social media that has an enterprise collaboration software solutions that includes most of what businesses use nowadays like accounting, ERP, CPM and more. An application that focuses on helping you on your business because it helps you connect to fellow employees, sharing of knowledge and ideas with business people, no nonsense feeds here guys only business activity feeds. I am just scratching parts of what this application can really do. I know people would need a whole lot of convincing for them to use this kind of application but businesses would really appreciate this. In the world of business, information is vital, without it you're gonna be a step behind your competitor. Ever dreamed of such a thing to happen?


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