Monday, May 2, 2011

Money Management Secret of the Millionaire

Who doesn't want to be rich? of course almost all people want to be rich, me including. So how do we get rich? well its nice to know a thing or two from those who are rich themselves and to know their secret on how to be one. We might think millionaires have it lucky. Check out their answer below and find out some of their secrets:
  • Start early to avoid financial pitfalls. Adrian Cartwood, 49, author of the blog, How to Make Million in 7 Years, lived frugally while building his technology related business. He said, "Learn how to live within your means and how to delay gratification; there are the habits that you need to maintain on the way up, so you can keep your millions when you get there."
  • Believe that you can do it. According to Alan Corey, author of A Million Bucks by 30, who became a millionaire by investing in real estate, said that he read as many biographies and autobiographies of millionaires before he became one. "What I found was they all had an incredible self belief that they would be financially successful," he shared.
  • Work Hard - and you'll get lucky. Donald Trump attributes his success to hard work, explaining in his book, Think Like a Champion, "If your work pays off, which it most likely will, people might say you're just lucky. Maybe so, because you're lucky enough to have the brains to work hard!"

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