Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Disadvantages Of Having Too Much Time Online

Technology might be taking over our lives, but it isn't making us happier. That's the finding of new research carried out by psychologists at Leeds University, which revealed a possible link between heavy Internet use and depression. The study, based on an online questionnaire of 1,319 people aged 16 to 51, found 1.2 percent were "Internet Addicts" and were more likely to show depressive symptoms and replace real life meet ups with online chat and networking sites.

However, the study team stressed more research is needed to establish whether depressed people are attracted to the Internet or if the Internet causes depression. Dr. Richard Graham, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Capio Nightingale Hospital in the UK, still believes it makes sense to limit how long family members spend online and to encourage them to meet friends face to face. "Too much time online, even when interacting with friends, appears to reduce confidence and a young person's hopes of achievement in the real world,: he explains.


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