Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Simple Car Care Tips

Some people who own a car aren't mechanics, some even don't even have time to check their cars as long as the car looks good and have no problems. But if you are a responsible driver you should always check your car every other week or the better before driving. Whether you own a big car, a small car, or a secondhand car, you can do something to avoid costly repairs and keep your wheels running smoothly. Even washing your car regularly (and maintaining its cleanliness inside and out) can help keep your vehicle in top shape. Here are some simple tips to minimize trips to the car shop.

  • Use only the proper tire size for your vehicle. Proper sized tires keep the mechanical parts under your car intact.
  • Always check your tires for lumps and misalignment. Big tires are always expected to be strong and durable, but they are just as fragile as any tire.
  • Have your hand brakes adjusted to maximum. SUV's are heavier and need more hold on the brakes than smaller vehicles.

  • Change oil every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers to keep your car's engine in good shape. Sedan are so smooth that you can's tell if it's time to change oil already.
  • Always have your wheels aligned after your tire hits a deep hole in the road. Sedans have weaker stabilizers than AUVs and SUVs, so not giving immediate attention to it might damage the other parts under your vehicle.
  • Always keep your carpets clean to prevent dust from accumulating inside the air conditioner's evaporator. Aircons of small cars are located under the dashboard near the floor, so keeping your carpets clean helps prevent aircon damage.

  • Do a one time overall checkup of your car to find out it's quirks. Knowing what went wrong with the car before ownership was passed on to you will help you pinpoint what needs to be attended to.
  • Take care of minor concerns as soon as possible. Those little tics and grumbles your car makes can indicate that there's something wrong, act fast and save on more expensive repairs later on.


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