Monday, October 3, 2011

Hazards of Oral Piercing

Contrary to popular belief, body piercing is not a fad set by hard core rock stars. Tongue piercing, for instance, was a ritual from the Aztec and Mayan tribes of Central America.

The ritual is done to appease the gods by drawing blood from the tongue and waiting for the priest (shaman) to arrive at an altered state of consciousness. Nowadays, demigods come in the form of high paid singers, basketball players or actors. Fans get 'hooked' on the image of their idols riveted tongues and stapled eyebrows.

The barbaric nature of such procedures is not without hazards. Here are some of the hazards you might encounter:

INFECTION - The mouth is an abyss of bacteria. An open wound in the tongue cultivates bacteria and invites infection.

PROLONGED BLEEDING - Damage to the blood vessels can cause serous blood loss.

SWELLING AND POSSIBLE NERVE DAMAGE - Healing takes longer since the tongue is in constant motion. Reported cases show extreme swelling that blocked the airway.


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