Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ashton Kutcher's Expensive Gift to Sexy Actress Mila Kunis

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After the photos of their romance circulating the net, now a news of an expensive gift for Kunis from Kutcher must be driving Demi Moore nuts.

Ashton Kutcher bought Mila Kunis a $5,000 phone case engraved with both their initials. The two and a Half Men actor reportedly designed the bejeweled case himself, with pink crystals and a heart encircling both their initials in real diamonds, leaving the sexy actress from the movie Ted thrilled.

A source said "He spent five thousand bucks on Mila's case. Needles to say, she loved it!" 

It had recently been claimed Ashton and Mila are living together and how the former That 70's Show co-stars are inseparable from each other.

A source said "They're basically living together. Like any new couple in love, they're pretty much joined the hip. They've been sneaking around for months but there;s only so long you can keep it quiet. They're staying with each other most night's. Mila's practically moved in to Ashton's Hollywood home."


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