Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nicole Kidman helped Katie Holmes "Escape" Her Marriage

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The Katie Holmes - Tom Cruise split have been the headline the past few days. New circulating the net about how Katie Holmes "escaped" a marriage apparently going nowhere - and the strange religion so associated with Tom Cruise. 

But the new talk in town is that Katie Holmes got a little help, from an unlikely person, a person that was once very close to Tom Cruise. That person is Tom Cruise's ex, Nicole Kidman. It appears now the Aussie actress helped Katie Holmes in her plot to leave Tom Cruise and the church he ascribes to. That's no small feat, considering Scientology is notorious for payback. Stories abound of parents being cut off from children, defectors being tailed by Scientology goons etc. 

"They've spoken over the last few weeks, " a source said, on the heels of that quickie divorce. The timing lines right up, considering that the couple went official with their split June 29. "Nicole has been supportive, saying she's been through it too and to hang in there," the confidante continues. Holmes may have used a disposable cellphone to secretly phone Kidman, Cruise's second wife.

According to reports the 33 year old mom of 6 year old Suri used throwaway mobiles to plot the divorce. That way, Holmes allegedly went undetected by Cruise and Co. It worked, as insiders have widely reported that Cruise was blindsided by Katie leaving him. There's been no "ex-hating" here from the start. Apparently, Homes has been chummy with Kidman since 2006 - the year Katie took the dive with Cruise. "She has been a private friend not many people know about," the insider said.


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