Sunday, July 15, 2012

Katy Perry to Join American Idol as Judge

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With the departure of Idol Judge Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, plenty of rumors have been popping up here and there, onto who will replace this judges. 

One singer rumored to be a possible replacement is Katy Perry. But Katy Perry has ruled out a stint as a judge on American idol, insisting the talent show is too much  of a commitment for her at this moment. The pop superstar has confirmed producers approached her and asked if she'd be interested in joining a new look panel - but she had to turn them down. She said, " People have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved, and it's not right for me yet.. It's a real commitment to be on one of those shows."

Reports suggest Perry,, Miley Cyrus and Fergie have been considered as possible replacement for current judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler in a bid to compete with rival talent shows The X Factor and The Voice.

Personally, I like that both Steven and Jennifer left the American Idol, Jennifer for me was too goody2x to the contestant, and Steven, well hmmm can't say much about this guy too. I would rather have Jimmy Iovine as suitable replacement.


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