Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Freddie Aguilar calls Charice 'monkey'

"Bayan ko" singer Freddie Aguilar denies calling international teen sensation and Oprah Winfrey favorite Charice Pempengco and Journey's Arnel Pineda 'Monkeys'. His alleged controversial remark irked Arnel and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. Accordng to reports, he slammed Arnel and Charice for mimicking the styles of other international artist, a remarked allegedly shared also by pop singer Mariah Carey who likened Filipino artist to monkey.

I dunno what came over to Freddie Aguilar to say that to Charice. I know that some of us do have some idols or inspiration that we do follow their style. Look at some player, they imitate some of their move from their idols like Jordan or Magic. Im not a fan of Charice, buy I do like her voice, such strong voice coming from such a small kid. As for Arnel Pineda, well he should imitate past journeys singer, and should sing like the past journey singer if not, why the hell should he sing for the band journey if he can sing the way it should be sang.
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Namz said...

It is just sad when an artist condemns one another. :( And coming from a Legendary Filipino artist like Freddie Aguilar is just not cool.

Don't they get it..? this is NOT sports, It's music, it's art. Sigh...

I'd say to Charice, just smile and proove that a monkey that can sing flawlessly will make people smile and probably LOTS of money too! :)

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