Friday, July 31, 2009

Words to Avoid at Work

Here one i found at the library archive, its one of the common things we do say on work, especially when deadlines and busy schedules, we may not always notice what we say, and because of this, it may cause problems with our officemates or with our own career. So for the sake of your career, remember to avoid these words.

  • "Thats not my job." Yes it might not be your job since you've been asked, try to provide valuable input. Be a team player and problem solver and give your suggestion tactfully on how to deal with this issue at hand.
  • "Yeah, no problem." When you have no plan of doing it, that remark can earn you a reputation as being an unreliable person. So if you can't or won't complete the project, be honest about it.
  • "It's not my fault." Even if it's really not your fault, stop yourself from finger pointing. instead, be a problem solver and discuss the issue of blame later.
  • "To be honest with you." When you use this phrase, your officemate might doubt what you say if you don't use the phrase. Instead, without being rude, say what you need to say in a straightforward manner.
  • "I just didn't have enough time for that." Instead of excusing yourself, mention that your schedule is busy but you can accommodate the request if some other project can be rearranged. That way, you'll show that you take assignments seriously and only want to turn in your best work.

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