Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can a Woman make the first move??

A close friend of mine ask, "hey ray can I ask a man for a date? uhhh i dunno, i said to her if you had the guts to ask a guy or if you really like him(I'm kinda on a awkward position here). But glad to say that after a few month she has found a boyfriend, well the guy ask her out, she said. But bringing us back to the topic. if a female friend of yours ask you a similar question what would you answer?. I ask my friend albert, hes guidance counselor, he told me if she has done that, She would loose big time. Why I ask? He said" Man is by nature a hunter, He likes the thrill of the chase. He likes pleasure of the pursuit. But if the prey chases the hunter, the hunter loses interest very quickly. Because its too easy. The thrill is gone." Ok, I think my friend should be a priest for what he said hehehehe. How about you what would you say?
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