Sunday, July 26, 2009


I was standing at the corner waiting for the red light, i was putting my battery for my DigiCam minding my own business, when suddenly a guy just hit my right side (lucky i was holding my camera firmly) he was walking fast and in a hurry. And as i was saying early, i was waiting for the red light, but this guy just ignore the traffic sign, and worse the traffic aid just stand by and watch this guy cross the street.

I happen to took a picture of that guy.

Hes the one with the black t-shirt crossing while its still on the GO signal for the vehicles and you can also see the red hand which means no crossing.

And I just notice it's not just him who is ignoring the traffic sign, here's one lady who just walk across not even looking if theres a car and is just focusing on her cellphone. I just can't understand some of the people just won't follow the traffic rules, is just a simple rule. But many ignore this. Maybe because the penalty is not that stiff or the enforcers are not that strict? one thing for sure if you cross during a green light and a high speeding vehicle hits you. Its either death or a serious injury thats waiting for you.

How about in your place? Is jaywalking penalty that big? Do people still obey traffic rules especially jaywalking.

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