Friday, July 8, 2011

Money And Frugality Tips

Being frugal doesn't mean being a miser. It just means using restraints in your resources so you can achieve lasting and more fulfilling goals. Below are some tips on how you can live this way:

1. Buy a used car. The most expensive miles on a car are the first 10,000. So let someone else drive those for you. You save a lot of money considering how little value the car has actually lost.

2. Be patient. Don't buy that new gadget today even if everyone has it. Wait a month or two and the price will certainly go down.

3. Buy airline tickets as far in advance as possible. Buy at least two months in advance and you'll get the cheapest rates. For holiday travel especially, buy as soon as you can.

4. Never buy extended warranty. New products usually come with a 90 day or one year warranty anyway.

5. Make your own meals. Eating out is expensive if you do it often.

6. Get a better cell phone plan. If you've been using the same cell phone plan for two years, chances are there's something better out there. Call your mobile provider to find out.

7. Be bank wise. A lot of banks charge you checking fees or minimum account balance fees. Find a bank that does not.


Vanquis said...

Yes, learning to do some simple cooking as opposed to eating out on a regular basis is a great way of saving money

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