Monday, July 4, 2011

Too Much Love Will Kill You, and Those Close To You

It's not the song that I'm talking about, well I can't find a good title for the post and that song well kinda fits in with this topic. Well it's about sex addiction or some may say lust. Sex is good, but too much can also be damaging. Even celebrities break up because of this, one familiar celebrity would be Courtney Cox of the hit series "Friends" who revealed that one of her problems with her marriage to David Arquette was that he constantly wanted sex.

Having sex can be a form of expressing ones love to her partner, but too much well , is too much. So what is Sex Addiction by the way? it is when a person begins to have trouble controlling certain sexual behaviors and impulses. Their sexual relationships, habits and need may become consistently excessive and compulsive and their sexual thoughts , fantasies and desires may become increasingly extreme and obsessive in nature. Some causes of this is due to hormonal imbalance. Overproduction of some hormones is said to have the result of sexual addiction some would be the result of abuse during childhood.

If you have sexual addiction fear not, there is a place you could seek help and heal you. Visit the Sexual Addict Therapists Directory, there are counselors and therapist who have special training to help you recover from this addiction.


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