Monday, July 11, 2011

The Three A's to a Great Relationship

Are you having problems with your partner? Does your relationship need some cranking up? Address it as soon as possible. Most splits are due to gradual slips in each partner's behavior rather than a single cataclysmic event. This is a sad thing since it can be prevented. Here are some simple tips for in order for you to have a great relationship with your partner.

1. Appreciation. Gratitude is the simplest life preserver for relationships. It makes the other person feel seen and heard, that he or she matters. Strive daily to think of something that your partner did and thank him or her for it, even those on bad days. It will help you both weather the storms of love.

2. Attention. This advice goes out to men but women can learn from this too. Don't be too busy that you forget to give your partner attention. Husband, have you stopped bringing her flowers or giving her a note for no reason? Wife, have you become too busy with housework that you've forgotten to say I love you? Remember, you're committed to a human being, not to a work machine or a house robot.

3. Appearance. This tip is for women although men are not exempted. Men are visual creatures so take good care of how you look. Make your appearance a priority. And men, if you expect your wives to look good, please do the same as well.

A healthy relationship will bring back the emotions and desires that drive you to each other. So keep at it!


Shengkay said...

very agree with this raynan..

Raynan said...

@Shengkay...Thanks for the comment

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