Friday, July 8, 2011

Sexy Cosplay Goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao Will Be on SM DCE Davao


Alodia Gosiengfiao, the cosplay goddess herself will be at SM City Davao Event Centre on July 31, 2011, during the Cosplay Fashion Walk. I'm already checking my schedules so I will be available on that day. I hope my trusty Digi Cam will be enough to capture photos of her, because I'm sure the place will be full.



Also in the Event Centre will be the Cyber Expo, which is set to be there for 3 days, starting from July 29-31. Catch hard core battle of teams from all over Mindanao for cash and pride at the DOTA Challenge (GODLIKE!!!!!). BLINQUE TechXtreme will also showcase the best hardware and PC installations in the region while Intel returns with more in house tournaments with Street Fighter VI on top of the list. Participants get a shot at defeating the elite DCWired teams in various games and get instant cash prizes at the DCW Open Challenge. For more info please visit

See you all at SM guys and gals.


Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, she's beautiful and she looks so Japanese. First time I have seen her picture. Thanks for the post. God bless you all.

Raynan said...

Yup, Ganda talaga, I have a post about her on my other site. Most cosplay people knows her, and I think may show yan sya together with Louis Manzano?? dont know the show though.

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