Monday, April 26, 2010

Camiguin 2010: Soda Swimming Pool

The 4th stop in our tour of Camiguin is the Soda Swimming Pool. The name itself was intriguing to me since, some locals would say that the pool taste like soda, WHOAAAA, really, my mind was already filled with questions like what would it taste like?? coke perhaps or maybe pepsi hehehehehe. As we arrive at the site. When I look at the pool, hmmm its just your typical swimming pool, so i ask a local who's taking a dip at the pool, why was it called Soda Swimming Pool? he said to jump to the pool and taste it yourself to know it. WHATTTTT. I told to myself, is this guy serious he wanted me to taste the pool to see if it's really taste like soda( the pool where a number of unknown stranger have dive in to carrying with them whatever dirt or disease in their body, not to mention maybe someone has secretly piss on the pool "EXAGGERATING IN THIS ONE BUT IT CAN HAPPEN") and he want me to drink it!!! of course i wont drink it. Lucky me there was this one person who said that this was called the Soda Swimming Pool because of its resemblance to the bubbly characteristic of a soda. Ohhh so that's it. hmmm. If you decide to come to Camiguin with your friends and you happen to visit this place, don't tell them the secret ok hahahahaha, it would be a good prank to put on your friends (LET THEM TASTE IT HEHEHEHE).



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cagayan de oro resorts said...

During my first time there, I also got the impression that it tasted like soda. It was quite cloudy during my visit and the pool didn’t seem to resemble like it. Anyhow, the water was fine and quite refreshing, not a bad place to take some heat off.

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