Thursday, April 22, 2010

Camiguin 2010: White Island

The White Island in Camiguin for me is the best place we have visited in Camiguin. We woke up early in the morning about 4 am to go to the White Island. The guide had told us that we must be early since the much of the Island will not be visible come afternoon. So I joined my wife and his co workers together with the tour guide to go to the White Island. I was still a bit sleepy since its really early in the morning but open arriving at the beach and the White Island was just minutes away. Just looking at the island from the beach was already exciting. We had to ride a small boat to go to the White Island (the boat can carry only 6-7 person) and I'm glad the weather cooperated (the winds was calm that day, which made me feel at ease since i don't know how to swim hahahaha). Then when we arrive at the White Island, man it took my breath away, it was such a beautiful site to look at, white sand, dark blue sea. It was just breathtaking. Here are some photos i have taken of the place.


A pic from the beach where we wait for the small boat to come pick us, you could see the White Island from here already.


A beautiful site when we arrive at the White Island


My wife (wrap in the white towel) together with his friends and co workers enjoying every moment in the island. (Notice the cloud formation at the back? Nice isnt it)


A nice view of the sunrise, it was around 5 am i think?


just wait till the sun rises up


When the sun finally shown its rays, the White Island beauty shifts to high gear.


More and more people arrive


Of course, no island would be without babes in bikini.


caloy said...

wow! white sand.. clear water..nice beach.. and sexy babes!

lakwatserong tatay said...

hi sir raynan,

question lng po hope you could give me some of the contact persons and info's regarding your camiguin trip.
and we could also exchange by following your blogs and my blogs too...thanks...

Raynan said...

Actually, i just joined my wife's company tour to Camiguin, it was a package offered to them, so she included me in it. Although i did get the number of the place we stayed in, The Camiguin Highland Resort (088) 3870515-19 / 09209533295 / 09228198023. It was a packaged tour including our stay and our tour of the spot in Camiguin.

cagayan de oro resorts said...

One of the most beautiful places on the face of the planet. I was pretty amazed how you guys went through all the trouble to get a glimpse of the rising sun, pictures were great. During my tour there, I wasn’t able to wake up that early. Then again, Thank you for posting these very good image captures of the rising sun.

Camiguin said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay in Camiguin. Camiguin is such a beautiful place and I hope we can share it to everybody. There are lots of places you can visit on this island.

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