Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our MSI Wind U123


Me and my wife bought a notebook, Its an MSI Wind U123, we'll it's not that powerfull compared to a Laptop. But for blogging purposes only, its more than a big help for the two of us, It's small at 10inches so it doesn't occupy space in our room. Its just perfect for us bloggers. I hope this can help us more in our blogging, since our old computer is just too slow for our needs already.
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chingching said...

wow. looks almost like an Asus EEE. :D

Sendzki said...

...very convenient to bring anywhere.... kahit sa isang maliit na supot o maliit na bag lang hehe ^_^

eva said...

wow that's so cute. thanks for the add. i added you too.


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