Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 just cant get any better

I don't believe that much in horoscope or even animal sign, but whats happening to me on early 2010, might change that. It is said that my year in 2010 wont be that good, and it may be. To start things of, by the end of 2009 all 7 of my blog got rank by Google. Either its PR1 or 2. By the start of January 2010 just two weeks before being rank, 4 of my blog just suddenly had an N/A on its status. Our one and only digital camera suddenly had an error pertaining to its lenses being stuck. I just had one of my trusted pant, torn, when i accidentally stuck a piece of metal while walking with my baby. I had two of my computer monitor at work broken and a computer with a damage power supply. I'm still fat and getting bald. See?? its just keeps getting better and better. Oh well, lets see whats more to come in this not so good 2010.
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