Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ox in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Ill be at my brothers wedding this Thursday so it will be a one day break for my blogging. But after that ill have plenty to post to and pictures to add to some of my blog especially my new blog Eye Encounters where its mostly picture of places and people that i happened to take a picture at. My brother's wedding will be held at St. Joseph, this is the first church here in Davao City that is fully air conditioned.

So lets continue with my 4th animal sign for the year of the Tiger, the 4th one will the the Ox.

Fortune for year 2010 for the Ox people us much similar to last year. You may experience both auspicious and inauspicious cycle. However, you are blessed with a lucky star in your sign to eliminate some bad events. Although many disturbances will occur from time to time, but you can certainly resolve them due to the lucky star. Career wise, there are many opportunities provided that you know how to grab them. Chances going abroad to attain brighter future can be seen. On the business point of view, don't attempt to expand or enlarge your endeavors, just stay put this year. Business is mixed with positive and negative period. Therefore, patience and hard work are needed during those unpleasant months. Try to handle your money matters carefully. Also, try not to be attracted by sweet offers in terms of financial activities. Avoid envious friends and harmful people in order not to be fooled in major illness as indicated in your sign this year. Female Oxen will be busier with home activities compared to last year. For the security of the family members, all safety measures must be adopted not only at home but also during transport. Love life is meaningful this year. Therefore, you may experience excitement in your relationship. For Single Oxen, love pursuits are present for you. Romantic happenings are expected to come in different months.
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