Friday, January 15, 2010

The Horse in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Its a cold Saturday morning, im off to work. And today is the day where gonna buy clothes and gift for my brothers wedding this January 21, 2010. I already posted two animal birth sign which is the Rat and the Rabbit. Today I'm gonna post about the Horse.

The lucky star and guardian angel continue to bring blessings to your sign this year. The fortune is almost similar to past several years, you will experience more favorable months. Influential people and helpful friends or relative are still there for you to benefit in your career and profession. But of course, you have to put more concentration to those unfavorable months, otherwise things will become complicated. This is a good year to take advantage of your business activities. Satisfaction shines on your plans that will make it easy for you to attain prosperity. No risky point on your money matters, because financial fortunes is also bright. But however, you have to put attention in administering them during those unpleasant months. For your health situation, illness will not burden you very much. But you have to be watchful in you daily life. For your own protection, extreme care must be taken during travel, outing or during transport. Limit yourself from engaging in those water related activities. Security and safety must be adopted at home. Special care must be given to older people in your family. Family activities will always take most of your leisure time. Love life is not rosy but not too lousy; it will take much time to make your affair work. Love differences can be sorted out through mutual understanding and forgiveness, always be patient. Chances for love pursuits are limited for the Single Horse, don't give up.
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