Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Dragon in the Year of the Tiger 2010

This year continues to shower the Dragon people due to lucky stars and guardian angels. Therefore, this is a good fortune for you in all areas of activities. But of course, they are also some upleasant months you have to attain. More over, some harmful people and envious friends willpush you down. Be productive and industrious in career undertakings in order to attain higher goal. All the best opportunities are there for you to achieve, provided you don't lose your chances. There is nothing to stop you from being happy in your business endeavors. Investment or expansions are good to carry out. A right year to produce new initiative or ideas for future moves. But always remember, there are also some unpleasant months for you to face. Financial matters will be active, try to manage them properly. No major illness strikes your health this year as indicated. But the health matters of your family members should be your top concern. For the protection of yourself and all your loved ones, extra care and home security needed. Domestic relationship satisfaction is easy to attain, a happier trend on your home life. Dragon people will enjoy the fullest in their love and romance. Love life will take most of your leisure times. Therefore, there will be more romantic periods in your affair. Proposal is favorable, but wedding is better scheduled next year.
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