Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake Magnitude of 5.3 hit Davao City

It was a quite morning, I was already at my office. When suddenly i felt a little dizzy when i realize it was already an earthquake. Then things began to shake a little more, i thought of hiding under my desk just to be sure, but the quake started to fade and then it was gone. I think it was about 8AM when the earthquake started. I called the house to check on my daughter, glad shes safe with her grandma, called my wife too, and shes also fine. I learned that the earthquake that struck Davao City this morning has a magnitude of 5.3. Not much compared to other cities and countries that were hit with a much stronger one. Makes me think how lucky I am, that im here living in Davao where storms and earthquake seldom or rarely occur.
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