Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Rabbit in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Goodbye 2009 and hello 2010. 2010 is the year of the Tiger. I was born under the fourth animal sign which is the Rabbit. Im am not that familiar with this horoscope, but my mom is. She always buy a new booklet about horoscope from the start of the year. So just this Tuesday she bought one. So i borrowed her booklet to see whats in store for me. I don't really believe that much in horoscope, since we our self dictates our future. But its also doesn't hurt to believe in it. So for those person who under the sign of the Rabbit, here is whats in store for you and me in the year of the Tiger.

Year 2010 for you is much similar to last year's fortune cycle. However, you may experience more unpleasant months like the fate of the Tiger people. Encounter more disturbance in daily undertakings. Devote your time and effort to overcome these difficulties in terms of your career endeavor. Be careful with harmful friends and envious people which will always appear on your way. Worries will cause you headache not only in business but also in financial matters. Strike harder in all your performance to conquer these unpleasant matters. However, you being a Rabbit, knows where to seek assistance from helpful and influential friends. More spending than gaining foreseen. Always think fast especially about things that involve money matters. As for your health situation, there is a tendency to feel discomfort in several occasions, but it is still manageable through proper medication. Food safety and sanitation must be adopted in order not to be affected with diseases. Be health conscious especially in Chinese months of February, April, May and August. Limit yourself from attending funeral or cemetery activities. Charitable deeds are the meaningful means for driving away bad luck. Home safety and transport security are also a priority that you should give attention. Give and take mist be exercised in family affair. Love life is not in a very good mood, more cold than warm relationship foreseen, be considerate.

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