Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Goat in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Goat people will experience much better year than last year. But it is also marked by auspicious and inauspicious cycle in terms of career or profession, business and finance. Health matter and love relationship are also mixed with favorable and unfavorable situation. Try very hard in everything you do in order to reach your goal. Although there are some difficulties in daily career but you can manage to make it better by exerting more efforts. Strive harder also in daily undertakings during those unpleasant months. Being industrious and hard working as well as utmost attention and patient are much needed to overcome disturbances. Try to double your effort from engaging in risky or speculative investments. Heavy bank borrowings will not be a solution to financial problem this year. As for the health condition, there is a tendency to have discomforts in some months. Medical attention and food sanitation must be applied. Security and safety measures must be implemented not only at home but also at work place. Domestic relationship is quite sweet and harmonious. There will be no family differences foreseen. Therefore, a happy trend can be achieved. But always adapt home safety scheme. Love life is also mixed with hot and cold period. It will also take a lot of time to keep your love smoothly. Male goat may experinece more hard time than the Female goat in love pursuit.

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