Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Rat in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Ive already posted about the Rabbit in the year of the Tiger so im just gonna post all the animals left, since i still have my moms booklet. I better finish this all before she starts wondering where the booklet is. So im gonna post the remaining 11 animal birth sign.

The year of the Tiger for Rat people may not be considered as auspicious as last year. This is a year mixed with favorable and unfavorable fortunes. Female rat is much better than male rat in many aspects. The fortune of your ambitions in career and in love relationship is good. On the other hand, your health and your financial condition are not so meaningful. There are accomplishments in many areas of your career undertakings. Help and support from some influential friends and good Samaritans are for you to benefit. In the career point of view, best opportunities are there for you. For young rats, you are advised to exert more efforts so that dreams can easily be fulfill. However, financial fortune is not favorable especially in those unfavorable months. Try to manage your monetary activities carefully. You have a tendency to harm your finances. Stay away from sweet offer and avoid risky investments. Gambling and heavy bank borrowings should be avoided. As for your health, you will be vulnerable to sickness. Through proper medication, those sickness can be manageable. Food sanitation and safety, balance diets and regular exercise are the best remedies to maintain your good health. For your own safety, you are advised to take extra care when driving or traveling. There seems to be no problem in family relationship. Activities at home will keep you busy this year. A passionate love life with less misunderstanding awaits you this year. Enjoy the fullness of your love and romance through out the year.

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