Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Simple Guideline to Follow to Reduce The Risk of Rape

1. Do not indicate that you will be home alone.

2. Do not give your name, address, or telephone to strangers or people who seem untrustworthy.

3. Use dead-bolt locks on outside doors and keep windows locked.

4. Change door locks when a house key is lost.

5. Use peephole in the door before opening the door. Do not open the door for a stranger.

6. Keep outside entrances to the house brightly lighted.

7. Have car keys in your hand when planning to drive a car.

8. Check the back seat and floor of the car before entering.

9. Drive with the car doors locked.

10. Learn self defense techniques to gain confidence and to defend against a possible assailant.

11. Carry a device for making a loud noise such as a whistle and use it at the first sign of danger.

12. Do not hitchhike.

13. Do not leave a party, shopping mall, or other place with a stranger.


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