Friday, May 6, 2011

A Unique New York T-Shirt for my Brother

I have missed celebrating my brother Troy's birthday for years now. It's because his birthday always fall on the day of our company's retreat. I think its almost 10 years since the last time I have joined celebrating his birthday. So this time I'm planning to give him a special gift. I know it's the right time to give him a unique gift, since a week before his birthday celebration, he was promoted to a regular position in the bank he is working.

I tried looking some unique gift for him at the mall, but man, it's really hard trying to find one. I'm planning to give him a t shirt with a print of New York in it. It has been his dream to visit the place, especially the Statue of Liberty. Although I had found one, I'm hesitant to buy it, there would be plenty of people that would have the same design as his t shirt, because as I said I want it to be unique. So my last resort is to go online, and to my delight, I have found a great site that have plenty of new york t shirt. I'm sure he wouldn't find a single soul in our city that would have the same design of t shirt like his.


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