Saturday, May 14, 2011

Knowing The Colors That Match Your Personality

Colors make a fashion statement, people a drawn to the colors that flatter their figure and complexion, especially the women. The color people usually choose to wear is the image they want to project. Lets find out what fashion statement you're making with the colors you wear on an everyday basis and what the color of your clothing says about your personality.

  • BLACK: Conservative yet sexy, black is versatile. Wearing black clothing makes you appear slimmer, giving your self-esteem a turbo boost.
  • PINK: Traditional and charming, pink is feminine all the way. A pink and black combo is trendy twosome for women who like to add mystery to their otherwise girly image.
  • RED: Bold and vibrant, red attires make you the center of attention. Red portrays the adventurous side that's undeniable.
  • BLUE: Fun-loving and free, blue clothing attracts independent people who are comfortable in their skin.
  • ORANGE: Extroverted and gutsy, orange means you like to stand out in a crowd. Never taking life for granted, you enjoy new challenges and have a tendency to come out on top.
  • YELLOW: Always the optimist, you're athletic and outdoorsy. Yellow reflects a vibrant personality and great intuition.
  • WHITE: Those who favor white prefer "safe" colors for a perfect. White can be a great accent for a deep, dark tan, adding sex appeal to the "colorless" color.
  • GREEN: If you're hot on green, you're down to earth, natural beauty. While somewhat stubborn.


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