Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Tips To Help You Improve Your Relationship With Your In-Laws

Having problems with your relationship with your in laws? here are some tips to help you improve it:
  • Be realistic. You have to accept that if there is anything you don't like about your in laws behavior, you cannot change it. Only they can change it. But you can change how you react to their behavior. So focus on your part and accept them as they are.
  • Understand the deeper issues. You might think you just don't mesh well with each other, but sometimes there may be deeper reasons why you and your in laws cannot seem to get close. For example, your in laws coldness toward you could be because they feel threatened losing their son or daughter to you. Try to understand where they are coming from and bridge the gap.

  • Make an effort to get to know you in laws better. It might be initially awkward to do this but it will get easier as time goes on. Invite them to lunch or call them. Get to know the persons behind the facade they present to you.
  • Stay out of fights between your spouse and his family. As much as possible, let your spouse handle any difficult subject or confrontation with his or her family and relatives.
  • Make you in laws feel welcome in your home. Treat them as valued members of the family, which they truly are, instead of inspector-generals, which is how you might feel. Your warmth and hospitality will rub off on them and improve your relationship.


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