Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Dog in the Year of the Tiger 2010

The Year of the Tiger, year 2010 is much better than last year due to the three lucky stars that shine on your sign. Although you may experience some conflicts or unfavorable months in your daily path but these will easily be lightened due to blessings on your sign. Even though, there are obstacles that will block your career or professional undertakings, but, helpful friends will help you to overcome these difficulties. This is the best year to push through with your plan to go abroad for brighter future, specially the younger Dogs. Achievement in your daily activities will also have a rewarding result if you can dedicate your time and effort. But be patient and hardworking are much needed during unpleasant Chinese months. As indicated in your sign, a good investment can be pushed through except in those auspicious fortune months. Although no major risk in money activities, but always try to manage them with caution. Profitable gains can be achieved only by your hard work. In your health situation, no critical illness will strike you. But always be watch out for your food intake. And find time for relaxation. Although there will be no health discomfort foreseen on your loved ones at home, but your care and concern must always be attended. Harmonious domestic relationship is easy to attain. A happier trend of family affair will appear. Like last year, love life will take up most of your free time. A year to enjoy the fullness of your love and romance. But always be aware of those envious friends and third person that will interfere with your love affair.


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