Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunny Sunday at Mintal

Kinilaw is one of my favorite dish, although in some restaurant they serve this as an appetizer. But for me its one of my main dish. Me and my wife are craving for kinilaw last week, so yesterday we went to order a kinilaw. Its was delicious and if kinilaw was not enough we also ordered a kilawing kambing hahaha. Man are we that hungry we cleaned those up to top with 4 cups of rice. We each had two cups each.


After eating we went to Mintal to visit our house, upon arriving we notice our electricity has been cut hahaha. We failed to pay the electric bill on December last year (Ohh the bill was 20 pesos only). So we change our dress to start cleaning the house. Luckily it was a sunny Sunday, good for cutting grass outside of the house.


My wife was such a tireless workhorse. She finished cutting grass on all 3 corners of the house, I on the other hand was struggling to finish one side hahaha, maybe that's why shes born on the year of the horse she has an abundant of stamina compared to me. After we finished cleaning we pack our things and went home.

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