Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Monkey in the Year of the Tiger 2010

The sign of Monkey always clashes with the sign of Tiger. Therefore, Year of the Tiger 2010 is not a good fortune year for the Monkey people in terms of career, profession, business and finance. Hence, always be alert and pay more attention in area of these activities. Dedicate more time and effort with determination in order to counter those difficulties. Only limited accomplishments foreseen, as much as possible, don't panic in any circumstances, keep calm. But however, things may sometime turn good due to a bright star indicated in Chinese months of March, May and November. Try to associate with people born under the sign of Rat and Dragon; they are your helpful friends to conquer bad sign. Bank borrowings and risky or speculative stock market are not suitable for you, losses indicated in your sign this year. You have to strive harder in order to retain your financial savings. Although no serious illness will strikes on your health, but always be alert and attentive in those minor sickness and discomfort. Avoid falling from high places, put more care. Family members safety must always be your priority. There will be no major home tension or trouble because you will find it easy to sort out the differences among family members with your strong persuasive power. Love relationship is both warm and cold. Love and romance are mixed with happy and boring period. Therefore, love life is considered on and off cycle and hard to achieve the fullness of your love affair in those unpleasant months.
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