Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trip to Crocodile Farm

It has long been our wish to go to the Crocodile Farm here in Davao. I told my wife that i think where the one living here in Davao that have not went to the Crocodile Farm. Last Sunday when we attend Mica's baptism, after having lunch at my Mica's house, we all decided that its time to go home, then out of the blue my father ask us if would we like to go to Crocodile Farm since we'll be passing it anyway in the superhighway so of course we said yes. And with my camera at hand we have a blast watching the crocodile and all the animals there, while i was also busy taking photo's.


I forgot what is the name of this animal?


One of the many beautiful butterfly that can be found on the Butterfly Sanctuary

You can find more pictures of the Crocodile Farm at



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