Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jeepney Etiquette

Can someone post on the billboard on the street or maybe on the malls a jeepney etiquette. Yes, there are times when i go to work and ride a jeep/jeepney (a public vehicle) early in the morning, your bombarded with some of the ugliest behavior of passengers at the jeep. Ruining your morning straight to work, or while going home already. Here are some of ugly habits passengers do on the jeep.

1. Smokers: You ride the jeep, some guy or girl want to ride the jeepney. The jeep stop ( and you notice before the person rides the jeep he/she is smoking a cigarette ) no offense to smokers but, before he/she enters the jeep the person throws his cigar on the street but blows the smoke upon entering the jeep. Leaving you with the smell of cigar on your way to work (ohh by the way smoking is not allowed on public vehicle in our city).

2. Sleepers: Heres another idiot you wouldn't want to be sitting beside with. The guy/girl maybe haven't got a good sleep and instead take a couple of close eyes while riding the jeep. And when hes in deep slip, his body leaned on to you making you his personal bed.

and lastly

3. The Late Payers: This one is one of my all time favorite. You ride the jeep( the jeep is long hmmm imagine the length of a limousine hahaha maybe im exaggerating here but is long). Me when I ride the jeep as I sit down I already prepare my fee, and i pay it immediately the moment i got to sit down and got settled ( to avoid forgetting to pay, and to avoid being a late payer) the jeep can accommodate 12 person to the max on one side of the jeep. The as every passenger would leave upon arriving to their destination, the jeep is left with two passengers you and the idiot. And your siting next to that person who is right next to the exit. Then when its his place to leave, that's the time he/she will pay and the moron will give the money to you for you to give it to the driver whose a mile away from where your sitting (exaggerating again but its far believe me). Although i wont accept his/her fee and tell that person to give it directly to the driver. Its still would irritate me.

Now did you experience this kind of situation? what are your bad experiences riding a jeepney?
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